Jim Corbett National Park – The Wild Saga

Have a wild time with jungle safari!!

Offering one of the most promising chances to say hello to a Royal Bengal tiger, Jim Corbett National Park is bliss for wildlife adventure. Snuggled in the foothills of the Himalayan belt, the sweeping area of this wildlife sanctuary is possessed with rich and healthy biota. Encompassing the Patli Dun valley, Corbett Tiger Reserve is stretched over the regions of Nainital, Pauri Garhwal, Almora and Bijnore districts of Uttarakhand. Dense moist deciduous forest, veins of river and rivulets passing through the area, favourable weather are sources to the flourishing habitats of thousands of flora and fauna.

Although the pride and joy of the place concentrates in the encounter with the daunting Royal Bengal Tiger, it may offer you a slideshow of diverse species of untamed animals, wild cats, local and migratory birds, creepy reptiles and many more vital sparks hidden in the wilderness.

Perfect for adventure-hunter, the virgin territory calls wildlife enthusiasts from all over the country. The region divided in six zones – Dhikala, Dhela, Bijrani, Durga Devi, Jhirna and Sonanadi opens a wide gate to explore wild animals and indulge in lot of thrilling activities. Dhikla, the highlighted region of this national park is shelter to the largest and most diverse population of animals and plants. Pampering home of the flourishing national park includes – a good population of tigers, leopards, wild cats, elephants, barking deer, chital, sloth, Himalayan black beers and many species of primates. In addition to this large variety of Fowls, reptiles, amphibians and fishes enrich the bio-diversity of the place.

With special jungle safaris, comfortable cottages and lavish resorts, special tours, variety of zones and modern facilities and amenities, Jim Corbett National Park invokes the wildlife lovers.

Jeep Safari is the best way to stealthily peep into the lives of wild creatures. If you are lucky enough, you may encounter a Royal Bengal Tiger in front of your jeep. The thick striped coat of this stately beast, which can make anybody envious, is capable to camouflage in the verdant grass and thick woods. So, be prepared for an adrenaline gush, when your mind is boggled with excitement and anticipation, and the sly creature prowls by, ruffling the thickets. Or it may happen that you are holding the camera to catch a single glimpse of the imposing animal and a sudden entry of tiger unnerves every cell of your body. Don’t be disappointed, if you don’t get a chance to see a tiger, follow the pugmarks on the way and who knows your lucky charms favour you this time! You may come across the herds of trumpeting giant Asiatic Elephants, blowing their own trumpets. You can ride on an elephant and enjoy a swaggering march on its back.

It is advisable to book the resorts or cottages on prior, as the place is thronged by visitors at peak times.

Get ready, to explore the hidden creatures and for a memorable experience in the wilderness of the most celebrated tiger reserves of India.