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Dhanushkodi India

5 Reasons that makes Dhanushkodi a Place you Must Visit

Lying at the south-eastern tip of the Pamban Island, just 30 km away from Sri Lanka, Dhanushkodi is the ghost town of India. Once a lively site laced with the epical tales of Ramayana, and which attracted many tourists and Hindu pilgrims, Dhanushkodi was destroyed in a fierce cyclone of 1964. Killing many people, the catastrophe wiped off any trace of human civilisation and left heaps of sand dunes as reminisces. Still, as a part of an Incredible India, this place is a must visit for the mythic past that it beholds and for the majestic ruins that invokes its bygone glory. So, if you have the desire to explore the unusual, visit Dhanushkodi and experience a world that is totally otherworldly. Know more by reading below:

It’s Surrealistic

The quietness of hitting waves, loads of sand and the magnificent ruins of a city that once saw glory in its full form- all add up to form the poetic charm of Dhanushkodi. Not only this, the town echoes the epic tales of Ramayana with the presence of the majestic ruins of Ram Setu acting as the testimony. The series of magnificent rocks, still floating on the sea water, makes you wonder whether the Ramayana is mythic or is it a part of Indian history. With all this, Dhanushkodi is eerie, it is mystical and that’s what makes it even more fascinating.

An Extraordinary Geography

An unusual geography and a unique landscape are some of the reasons that should make Dhanushkodi a part of your travel bucket list. Covering a 12 km long stretch of land, it is located at a distance of 17 km away from Rameshwaram, one of the Chaar Dhaams of Hindu pilgrimage. Its interesting geography resembles a sword-shaped piece of land totally covered with sand dunes. Adding to this, the presence of both the Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal further amplifies its enigma. The picture-perfect sun, soothing salty sea breeze, the reminiscences of its glorious past, and its isolated location- with all this on offer, Dhanushkodi is the perfect offbeat destination.

Wonders of two Seas

A place where the placid green waters of the Bay of Bengal meets with the bustling blue waves of the Indian Ocean; Dhanushkodi offers rarest sites to behold. When there, don’t miss the chance to lay your foot on the tip of the land even though the residents might scare you with warnings of arrest. Spend some time there swimming in the shallow waters of the sea but do remember to come back before 6 (as you might not get any conveyance after that). Acting as your own personalised beach, the confluence is pollution-free and devoid of any chaos- it will surely fulfil your longing for a peaceful vacation.

Its fascination with Myths

If you are still looking for reasons to plan a trip to this place, its mythic enticements might appeal you. There are various mythic tales that are associated with Dhanushkodi which gives it its distinctiveness. According to legends, when Lord Rama broke Shiva’s bow to win Sita, one of the bow’s broken pieces fell at Dhanushkodi. The fury of the broken bow was such that it pulled Lord Rama to this site and made him build the famous Ram Setu- a bridge that connected India to Sri Lanka (Kingdom of Ravana where Sita was kept). The Kodhandha Ram Kovil temple was built to mark this place where Lord Ram began his quest to bring back his wife. Believe it or not, the truth of such stories comes to forefront, when you see series of rocks floating on the sea water making up their way to Sri Lanka.

Some facts

As far back in 1897, it was only at Dhanushkodi where Swami Vivekananda first landed his foot on the Indian soil after returning from the World’s parliament of Religion in the United States. Post that, the town found its glory when many textiles shops and businesses were established that supported the sustenance of locals and tourists alike. Ravaged by the wild cyclone in 1964, Dhanushkodi got changed into a ghost town. The calamity killed most of the inhabitants and left the site barren, lacking any kind of civilisation. The distinctiveness of the site is appealing as every traveller experiences an unknown energy coming from a land that emerged out of a catastrophic past.

All said, come and visit Dhanushkodi, a town that buries within its ruins nature’s charm and the tragedy of a calamitous era.