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Haunted Places near delhi

Top ten haunted places near Delhi that defeats Reason

Listing out the top ten haunted places near Delhi is much less scary than visiting these hotbeds of fear in reality. All of us might not believe in supernatural existences, but few uncanny places have all the eeriness that defeats reason. As sites of mysteries, these places behold some stories of mass executions, and deadly murders that are still striving to be a part of the present reality.

So, gear your adrenaline and let’s move on to discover some of the most haunted places around Delhi visiting which can give your heartbeats a temporary stop.

  • Khooni Darwaza

History shouts here with fear, as three sons of Bahadur Shah Zafar were murdered by the British on this site. As reported, their spirits still haunt this place looking for justice. So, if you are brave enough go there and play the judge.

  • Delhi Cantonment

The trademark for all ghostly appearances- a woman donned in a white sari- may meet you in her full form. Reportedly, people driving through this area have been asked for a lift by a charming lady dressed in a white sari who runs as fast as their cars. It’s definitely goosebump-y!

  • House No. W-3, G K-1

Once in the past, the house witnessed the deadly murder of an aged couple. Their bodies were later found later in the water tank. Silence covers the house now but apparently, a multitude of sound ranging from shouts to sobs emerges from its premises. People with love for music must think twice before going to this place.

  • Khooni Nadi, Rohini

Aptly named, Khooni Nadi or the River of Blood has always won over everyone who has tried to defeat its waves. Apparently, whoever has attempted to take a dive in the river has never entered the world again. Rational minds might call it suicides or accidents, but you never know!

  • Feroz Shah Kotla Fort

Dating back to 1354, the now abandoned fort was built by Feroz Shah Tughlaq. One can see many localities offering bowls of milks and lighting candles to appease the ‘unhappy spirits’ for a cherished life. If uniqueness is what you are looking for in life, try out an evening with djinns!

  • Sanjay Vann, Vasantkunj

People who have been passing through this area have reported some mysterious noises. Maximising the fear, spirits of many children can be seen whimpering or slashing among themselves. Beware, cute faces can be deceptive.

  • The Ridge

The place gives an eerie essence of the blast from the past as this spot saw some deadly events of history. Reportedly, the Ridge has seen an uncanny and mysterious presence of a British gentleman who never for a second left his duties- even after death! No matter how much you love your smartphones, it’s of no use here.

  • Jamali Kamali Tomb & Mosque

Located amidst the Mehrauli Archaeological Park, the site was once witness to the cremation of Jamali, a famous Sufi saint, alongside Kamali. If stepped inside the chamber, one can feel a mysterious presence of someone. The eeriness gets multiplied when you get to hear every kind of noise from the nearby grave.

  • Chor Minar, Hauz Khass

A tower covered with holes that are in past were spiked with spears carrying slithered heads of thieves in the time of Alauddin Khilji, is the Chor Minar. You might get the opportunity to witness the same scene once again if you happen to visit the place at night.

  • Malcha Mahal

Situated in a village named Malcha near the Delhi Ridge, it was once a hunting lodge in the times of Tughlaqs. Presently its mystery is unresolved and one gets to experience an eerie feeling that you may never expect elsewhere.

So, brace yourself when you pass through these sites as you might run into your ghostly friends!