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Top Five Wildlife Safaris of India

Indian wildlife safaris are like revelations. It reveals a world of wilderness, where enriched variety of fauna lives freely in harmony with nature. Imagine witnessing the lion prowl in its full glory or seeing hundreds of wild elephants passing you with a royal indifference; these are some wonderful sights that you will get on a Jungle Safari. India’s famous wildlife sanctuaries preserve rarest of species like one-horned rhinos, sloth bears, wild boars etc., offering one of the best wildlife viewing to any nature lover. Of course, the holy grail of any wildlife safari is spotting the elusive tiger and Indian national parks boasts of preserving a wide variety of these Jungle superstars.

Have a look of some of these best wildlife safaris of India.

Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan

Covering an area of 1,334 square kilometers, the Ranthambore National Park is an abode of majestic tigers in the Royal Rajasthan. While being on board of this safari one gets fascinated by the sight of the tiger king basking in sunlight while enjoying the warmth of desert. In addition to these tigers there are other wild creatures like sloth bears, wild boars, and Sambars to attract the tourists.

Look For: Tigers, spotted deer, and wild boar, jackals, painted storks (300 bird species).

Hemis National Park

Perched in Laddakh, the formation of this national park was led by U.S based Snow Leopard Conservancy team that now organizes winter treks here. Around 100 enigmatic, rare snow leopards are proud residents of this park and can be mostly spotted during February. All said, a sneak peek into the lives of India’s most mysterious beasts is worth lasting the coolest temperatures at such high altitudes.

 Look For: Snow leopards, Tibetan argali sheep, Ibex, Urial (a wild mountain goat), Blue sheep, chukhar, snow cocks, and golden eagles.

Sasan – Gir Wildlife Sanctuary

As the only dwelling of Asiatic lions and blackbucks, this wildlife sanctuary offers an exciting jungle safari. Its picture-perfect rocky savannahs and lush green trails preserve a wild world which excites any wildlife enthusiast. Not only this, one can have a closer look into the lifestyle of these wild creatures by staying at some of the guest houses avalaible at affordable prices.

Look For: Asiatic Lions, leopards, hyenas, pythons, jackals

Kaziranga National Park

Situated in Assam, the Kaziranga National Park offers a wildlife dose that includes spotting the rarest species of one-horned rhinoceros. Covered with grasses as long as the wild elephants that walks around the meadows, the park is also home to almost 500 species of birds. It is located beside the Brahmaputra River which makes the park looks like a masterpiece of nature’s art. Tip: Plan a holiday around February for best wildlife viewing. The park is officially closed during the monsoon season.

Look for: One-horned rhinoceros, tigers, (wild) elephants, wild buffalo, and monitor lizards. One can also get a glance of many water birds like the bar-headed goose, grey-headed lapwing, and spot-billed pelican.

Kanha National Park

The lush greenery of Kanha national Park was muse to Rudyard Kipling once, and when you are looking for some amazing tiger spotting, this park offers the best. The magnificent view of the setting sun is best seen from Bamni Dadar, famous as the Sunset Point. Apart from preserving varied species of wildlife and birds, approximately 125 tigers form the star attractions of this wilderness.

Look For: Swamp deer, Indian Gaur, Sambars, Black buck and barking deer