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Five Best Expressways of India

A well-developed road system is the reflection of the growing economy of a country. The road network of India is the third largest in the world comprising National Highways, Freeway, Modern highways, over bridges and Expressways – which is considered the finest class of roads. Equipped with modern technologies like CCTV, speed measuring equipment and SOS booths, the expressways have made a hassle free and smooth ride possible.

Let’s have a look of some of the best expressways of the country which has upgraded our road system.

Mumbai – Pune Expressway (Maharashtra)

Distance – 93 Km

Constructed by – Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC)

Making a place in the list of best expressways of India, Mumbai – Pune Expressway is India’s first six – lane, high speed and access controlled tolled expressway. Passing through several long & short tunnels, beautiful Sahyadri mountain ranges, and giving glimpses of many cascading waterfalls on the way, this roadway offers one of the enthralling journeys you ever had. Replacing the older Mumbai – Pune stretch, this expressway has minimised the travel time to less than two hours.

Ahmedabad – Vadodara Expressway (Gujarat)

Distance – 95 Km

Constructed by – National Highway Authority of India (NHAI)

Opened to public in 2004, Ahmedabad – Vadodara Expressway connects Ahmedabad and Baroda in Gujarat. Also known as National Expressway 1, it has greatly reduced the travel time between the two cities.

Jaipur – Kishangarh Expressway (Rajasthan)

Distance – 90 Km

Constructed by – GVK Jaipur Expressway Private Limited (GJEPL) under the build – operate – transfer model

One of the best highways in India, Jaipur – Kishangarh Expressway is a six lane access controlled toll expressway. Connecting Jaipur with Kishangarh, this expressway was built at a cost of Rs 729 crore. It was the first Indian road built under the public – private partnership model.

Yamuna Expressway (Uttar Pradesh)

Distance – 165 Km

Constructed by – Jaypee Infratech

Also known as Taj Expressway, Yamuna Expressway is the longest and youngest expressway of India. Connecting Greater Noida to Agra, it is a six lane, controlled access toll expressway equipped with CCTV, SOS booths for accident assistance and mobile radars to monitor the compliance with maximum and minimum speed limits. This modern expressway includes long flyovers, seven interchanges and several major bridges along the concrete path.

Allahabad Bypass Roadway (Uttar Pradesh)

Distance – 82 Km

Constructed by – National Highway Authority of India (NHAI)

Being a part of Golden Quadrilateral, Allahabad Bypass Roadway is an access controlled four – lane expressway. This bypass passes through the Allahabad district covering urban area. This bypass also connects NH – 2, which is one of the busiest highways of India. The total construction project of this expressway was completed in three phases and it also includes monetary assistance of World Bank.

These expressways not only make the road transport faster, but also offer some of the best routes to roll on.