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Best Destinations in India for Boat and Cruise Vacation

With vast coastline, innumerable rolling rivers and plenty of beautiful lakes, the topography of India is gifted with immense beauty of water bodies. And these water reservoirs offer vast options for romantic boat rides or luxurious cruise vacations in India. From Shikara ride of Kashmir to tranquil houseboats sail of Kerala, a boat ride is the perfect way to absorb the beautiful natural settings aligning the water body.

Let’s know about some famous destinations of the country which are ideal for a boat or cruise ride.

Andaman & Nicobar Island

Andaman is all known for its heavenly beaches and immense water sports and boat rides. The place offers a number of boat rides and cruises to the nearby islands. A glass bottom cruise will let you have spectacular views of the colourful corals and mesmerising marine life through the transparent water of the island. If you want to sail to the nearby exotic islands like Neil Island, Viper Island or Jolly Buoy, then go for Andaman Harbour Cruise.


Pristine backwaters of Kerala, is always on the list when it comes to popular cruise destinations of India. Having a sail on the calm houseboats, passing through the lush green vegetation along the banks is one of the most romantic things, one can dream of. There are many popular water trails on the backwaters which are very famous among the tourists for the extra comfortable houseboats and panoramic sights, like from Vembanad lake (largest backwater stretch) – Kuttanad (rice bowl of Kerala) – Bolghatty.


A list of boat rides in India would be incomplete unless we count the famous Shikara ride of Kashmir. What can be more relaxing than taking a Shikara ride on the mesmerising and tranquil Dal Lake! The beauty of the Shikara ride is so popular that it has been shot in various hit Bollywood movies.


A sail on a comfortable cruise through the refreshing sea breeze is a good choice to pamper the sense. Visit Kochi – one of the leading and most popular cruise destinations of India. With a pleasant weather, this place is frequently visited by travellers who are fond of sea cruises. Kochi offers many lavish choices and cruise lines of various budgets and duration for the visitors.


Apart from sandy beaches, cheap boozes and fabulous parties, Goa is also famous for its sea and river cruises. Take the popular cruise along the Mandovi River and enjoy the scenic views of the beautiful banks.


Take a boat ride through the lush Sunderbans and witness the charming beauty of the largest delta in the world. A great delight for nature lovers, this magical ride will take you through the lush green mangrove forests, offering stunning views of the largest reserves for Bengal tiger.


A cruise along Brahmaputra River may not fit to everyone’s pocket, but it is one of the most thrilling river journeys. The cruise offers a number of rare charms which can be experienced on board like the fascinating rural villages, beautiful riverside, Ganges Dolphins and the panoramic sights of the natural surroundings.

Chilika Lake

Chilika Lake, the largest brackish water lake of Asia, is perfect and less explored places where you can take a gentle boat ride. The lake situated in the Bay of Bengal, 60 Km from Puri, is a popular destination for bird watchers. A sail on the azure waters is intensified several times when in winters; it is filled with the chirping of lakhs of migratory birds. You can spot birds like Herons, Spoonbills, Purple Moorhen and many more rare species of birds.

Tell us your experience, if you have ever taken any of these boat/cruise rides.