Ways to Save Money for Your Next Trip

Have a Budget-Friendly Travel!

Travelling to a different land always excites anyone who loves to have a short break from the cobwebs of life. But sometimes because of limited budgets many of us have to restrain our travelling streaks in this money-oriented world. Not all of us can afford an impromptu travel mainly because of ever-increasing costs of transportation and staying options. However, there is no reason to get depressed as we are here with our few tips on saving money for your next trip. Follow these while planning your next holiday and enjoy a fun-packed vacation worth every penny you spend.

Do Some Advance Planning

Well, of course an impromptu trip sounds much more appealing; but not all of us corporate heads have the luxury (and savings) for a spontaneous holiday. In that case, be smart and plan ahead for your future trips. For that, the first thing to consider is booking your tickets in advance. While you cannot book train tickets more than 4 months before your travelling date, flight tickets can be booked almost a year in advance at low costs. However, the rate doubles if you book your tickets much closer to the date of travel. That’s a similar case with the hotels. It’s better to book your preferred hotel before the owners decide to revise the tariffs and you in turn have to pay extra to get your choice. Be smart and plan ahead!

Look for Deals and Promotions

The awesome-ness of the Internet world has decreased the level of brainstorming one has to do for planning a trip. Few clicks and you have a perfect holiday on your screens. Hence, be an early bird and check-out deals offered by various travelling websites and what’s much better is to sign up for their newsletters. Half of the time, they might fill your inbox with spam but you never know once in a blue moon they have a deal to die for.

Check-out Seasonal Discounts

It’s true that New Year in Goa is special, monsoons of Kerala are most romantic and summers in Manali are just Wow. However, no one can deny that travelling in peak seasons is going to be expensive with less or no discounts. The solution is shoulder seasons- the time when the tourist season just starts or when it ends. Travelling in this duration is easy as there are fewer crowds and one can enjoy all activities at regular prices.

Wisely Choose your Transportation

The considerable amount of your travel budget mainly depends on two things- accommodation and transport. If you have chosen to travel by air, try to book flights that leave late in night and lands early to your destination. Their timings make them less-in-demand decreasing their rates. If you are opting for trains, be on board for an overnight journey as this might give you more time to spend in your destination. Also, the local taxis cost you much less early in the morning as compared to the daytime when the demand is much more.

Be a Sensible Foodie

Every destination, especially in India, is known for offering an exceptional culinary ride to travellers. In every place, there are both budget eateries and luxury restaurants serving not only local food but also dishes of various cuisines. However, the best way to enjoy the local culture of the place is to gorge on their street food. The street food of every destination is always reasonably priced and most importantly, it is tasty. After all, what’s the point of seeing Mumbai if you have not eaten the famous Vada Pav!

Food for thought: Why not skip one day we have reserved for a fine dining experience in our native place so that we can save money for food on our next trip.

Board the Local Transport

As the famous saying goes, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. Skip those private taxis and explore your destination via the local transport. It would be much cheaper than taking a taxi or a car. Explore the nearby areas of your staying place on foot to peep into the local culture and save unnecessary expenses. Cities like Mumbai & Delhi are famous for their local trains and Metros respectively, boarding which gives you a sneak peek into the day-to-day lives of the natives.

A Social Media ‘Shout-Out’

Experiences are better than any data. Hence, reading user- reviews on different travel forums, travelogues and websites is one of the best measures to look for good deals. Also, one gets to know whether the deluxe room of a particular hotel looks the same in reality as in the over-the-top images posted on the website! Also, asking people on social media for their honest opinion is also a good idea. All this is wise as you would not like to get cheated with your hard-earned money.

Have Some Options

On a vacation, everybody looks for a hotel well-equipped with all facilities. But not all of them are always pocket-friendly. Undoubtedly, half of your travel budget is allocated for the accommodation purpose. Hence, to save money in this matter, it is smart to look for other alternatives to staying at your destination. One can sign up for homestays as they are cheaper than those star-rated hotels. In this case, the room tariffs include food so obviously you are saving a good amount. If you are travelling with your friends, consider staying in hostels that are reasonably priced and are easily avalaible in every location. One can also look for rooms in monasteries, Ashrams and nunneries as other affordable options. Although they are less furnished but if you are a traveller that should not count.

Happy Holidays!