Top 5 Tips for Choosing the Right Hotel

Some Travel Wisdom for a Happy Stay

The excitement of a travel buff has no limits when it comes to planning a trip. The idea of discovering an unseen land, either alone or with family and friends, is a matter of great joy for any avid traveller. But setting on a new journey is not a cake walk. One has to consider parameters like budget, climate, destination, availability of tickets, and long weekends (being a recent addition in the list). Out of these, choosing an appropriate hotel for a comfortable stay is one head-cracking job. With countless of deals and promotions, numerous travel websites, mobile apps and mixed reviews, the task becomes even more difficult. So, what one should do in order to decide one hotel that adds up the enjoyment factor of your trip? For that, we have enlisted top 5 tips to choose a hotel at your destination to make your stay worth it.

  • Set your preferences

Knowing your priorities, based on factors like budget, is a wise step one should take before making a choice. List your preferences regarding parameters like facility, location, budget, room size, ambience, or complementary services. Once you have decided on what you want, start looking for hotels using these filters.

  • Consider Your Budget

Whether you have decided for a luxurious holiday or you are looking for a trip on a shoestring budget, half of your money is allocated for an enjoyable stay. Hence, it is important to look for an accommodation that’s worth every penny spent. It is now easier with the number of websites trying to get a click with various offers and promotions. Almost all of them allow you to filter results by costs and offer some of the best deals. However, if you have signed up for any of the deal, make sure you compare it with other similar offers available on other sites.

  • Location of the Hotel

An important factor to consider is the location of the hotel. Make sure your chosen hotel lies within the city premises and is not situated in a heavily congested area. Carefully decide an option as you might not want to spend a lot of money on transport to and from the city’s main attractions.

  • Look for User Reviews

The online world has made connections and conversations easier, with discussion forums and social networking websites. Hence, it is not difficult to look for apt reviews about the hotels, which mainly consists ratings and general comments on hotel facilities and services. One can also search for travel blogs and travelogues, where prior guests have jotted down their experiences in the form of write-ups and photos. One can figure out a pattern in all these reviews that helps in choosing the best hotel.

  • Call and Question

Not all doubts can be cleared by the booking websites or user reviews. There are many questions related to room tariffs, and other facilities like baby-sitting, complementary breakfasts, transportation, specific dietary needs etc. All this information might not be provided on either websites or discussion forums. For this, it is better to make calls in order to get your queries addressed.

Although these factors are important to consider before deciding a hotel, there can be many other parameters for choosing the best option. If you know some, let us know in the comments below.