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Top 10 Travel Hacks for Every Solo Traveller

So, now you have finally decided to cross that solo trip from your bucket list. But, it is obvious, that there are a number of doubts and queries that are cracking your head. Definitely, you must be worried about how to plan your vacation, what to pack, safety measures, and hotel bookings.Travelling solo means you are responsible for yourself and there is no chance of relying upon someone for remembering and arranging things. After all, being a hippie is not a cake walk. Hence, we are here with a list of top 10 Travel Hacks for Every Solo Traveller that will be valuable for a solo trip.

Research everything but don’t Plan

Travelling solo enables you to change what you like to do at your impulse and after an unplanned encounter. You will discover more if you have not done any advance ticket bookings. Try to act at spur-of-the moment. But, this does not mean that you should not conduct your research. Study everything that you desire to do at the destination but don’t draft a travel checklist or an itinerary. Ultimately, you will realise you have enjoyed and learnt more.

Believe Your Instincts

Have some faith on your gut. If a stranger or a place is giving you discomfort leave urgently without worrying about being rude. If you have make friends with fellow passengers, hang out with them either in a restaurant or café instead of a hotel room. Before everything else, safety is of utmost importance. All said, be confident and a bit careful while you fully enjoy your vacation.

Pack Wisely

This step is important for all those who want more than a pair of clothes, a charger and booked tickets. Remember that when you are travelling solo, you are the only person who will carry your luggage. Instead of being burdened by more baggage, ‘travel light and see more!’ Presently, most of the hotels provide laundry service, so few t-shirts and bottom wears are just enough to explore the new destination. Have a separate bag pack of essentials containing your documents, money, electronics etc.

Mail all Your Required Documents

E-mail yourself a photocopy of all your important papers like identity proofs, tickets, passport and Visa. This will be useful in case your stuff is stolen or has been misplaced. It is wise to be prepared as you never know what surprises are waiting for you at each turn. Few steps and you have some regret-free holidays.

Be Connected

You might want to have some lone time with yourself and that’s why you have planned a solo trip. But this does not mean you are not connected with your near and dear ones while you are on a travelling alone. Just as a safety measure, inform your family and friends about your travel plans and bookings. This is important as in case of any emergency they won’t face any difficulty tracing you.

Recharges and Power Back-ups

Before heading out on a journey, make sure your cell phones are fully recharged. This will help you in avoiding many frustrating moments in the course of your trip. It is wise to carry along a power back-up or a portable phone charger so that you can simply charge your phone without hunting for charging points.

Managing your Finances

Always carry some along with you as your credit and debit cards might not work everywhere especially when you are travelling to remote locations. Also, some extra cash always comes handy in matters of any emergency. Also, if you are travelling abroad, it is advisable to exchange currency before embarking on a journey as currency exchange counters/ATM might not be easily avalaible.

Be like a Local

As people say, when in Rome, do as the romans do. While researching your next destination, make sure to have a thorough understanding of how the local people dress and live. Try to look like a local and if that is difficult, be self-confident or at least pretend to be so. Talk to people and make friends with them only when your instincts allow.

Travel during a Day

While you are on a solo trip, make sure you travel during the day time as far as possible. Since, most occurrences of thefts and robbery happen at night, it is important for you to be prepared. In case if you have to travel at night, prefer reliable means of transportation and be cautious.

Carry Entertainment

Although travelling solo enables you to discover more as it forces you to meet new people and makes you come out of your comfort zone. But there will be times when you will be stuck with yourself and in those moments, it is alright to connect with the world while chatting with a friend on social media, read a book or listen to some music.