Top 10 Best Travelling Apps

Essential Travel Apps for iOS, Android and Windows

In the age of cell phones, what all you need is an app that can make all your tasks easy and quick. From shopping, entertainment to education and even romance- these Apps have revolutionized everything. Travel is not an exception to this and there are many good travelling apps available in both Android and Apple markets. With these apps, it has become easy to frame your own travel plans as all information related to your destination is just a few clicks away. Different kinds of applications are there for different purposes and suit the preferences of every traveller. Out of these, we have picked up the top 10 best travelling apps browsing which makes vagabond-ing the globe much easy and playful.


Install Hopper if you are keen on saving some money on airfare while travelling abroad. This travelling app evaluates countless of airfares and companies on a regular basis, grasping the perfect time for you to purchase flight tickets to almost anywhere. In case, you have sorted out a specific destination, its ‘Watch a Flight,’ option provides the minimal cost for it. Hopper is also best for all those who love spontaneous travelling. There is a color-coded calendar which shows the cheapest flights at particular dates of the month.

Travel List

Forgetting things is a part of human nature and even experts of travel packing forget necessary items from time to time. If you are a kind of traveller who require more than a bag pack of Identity proofs, tickets, mobile charger and credits cards on a trip- this app will be a good aid. It features a calendar carrying reminders for the essentials you tend to pack at the eleventh hour, making sure that you don’t forget anything required for a happy trip.


While we are travelling, choosing the perfect hotel at the destination is one head-cracking job. A staying place that addresses your budget and choice of facilities is difficult to find as there are hordes of options available. To avoid such ramblings, Airbnb is the one stop search in this case. The App contains more than one million options including vans, castles, resorts, homestays etc. Millions of offers might confuse you; however, you get the perfect deals as per your choice.

Google Translate

Languages in this world are as diverse as its people. We travel to many places where the natives speak a different language from what you normally speak. Hence, download Google Translate, to make your conversations more understandable. Make sure to alter the time lag and be prepared for some spam translations. Using the sign language might also make your interactions more effective.


All your confirmation e-mails regarding hotels, tickets, and packages & booking sometimes get lost with mails getting piled up in your Inbox. TripIt is a travel App that crafts a complete itinerary for your specific trip, once you have forwarded your confirmation mails to The App gives you information about the directions, location and the climate of your destination. Basically, this TripIt acts as your local guide while deriving data from the App server and then linking it with other applications.

Trip Advisor

As one of the best travel Apps, Trip Advisor lets you browse countless of reviews and real pictures of hotels, main attractions, eateries etc. With a format that is apt for your mobile device, it gives you access to user reviews and helps you to decide whether the place or hotel is worth visiting. It also helps you to surf through best deals related to resorts, hotels and packages. It also has a discussion portal called the Trip Advisor forum, where you can raise queries.

XE currency

This application serves best to all those who frequently travel abroad. With a database containing more than 180 global currencies, it aids in making conversions and calculations as the spur-of-the-moment. It features live currency rates, charts and showcases last updated rates. This is helpful as you get all the information in the absence of Internet connections.

NG Pay

This application comes in handy when you have to book multiple tickets at the same time. It gives you a platform to book air, train and bus tickets easily. It also helps you to book movie tickets or to recharge your mobile phones. NG Pay features more than 100 e-stores from where a user can shop various items and send gifts.

Google Maps

A popular App for commuters, Google Maps comes to rescue when you tend to forget directions. No matter whether you are walking, driving, boarding a public transport or bicycling; this app is perfect in GPS navigation. It also provides you with live traffic updates, hence acting as your personal traffic reporter.

Desi Calender

This application gives you updates about all upcoming festivals and events throughout India. Downloading this app helps you to have all information and descriptions about a particular event and festival ranging from venue, costs of tickets, and special features. You can get news about all the latest celebrations that might coincide with your trip to particular destination related to which you can make bookings and arrangements.

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