5 Tips to Choose the Best Travel Insurance

A Small Guide to Travel Insurance

When we put our travelling shoes on, we think about all the excitement, fun and entertainment that wait at our destination. We rarely think about  any accident, illness or medical emergencies we might face. However, not everything in this world happens at our will. In those troubled times, travel insurances rescue us from any fatality coming our way. It covers for any medical charges and mishaps like baggage loss, trip cancellation and personal liabilities. In case of financial emergencies, it also compensates for any legal support.

Although many companies are launching newfound policies for Indian travellers, but not many of us are aware about how to crack the best deal. For those, we are here with a list of 5 tips to choose the best travel insurance. Read below to have a hassle-free vacation.

Know your Destination

Before you buy travel insurance, ask yourself ‘Where am I going?’ Basically, the size of your insurance cover is dependent on the destination that you have chosen. It is important to note that medical cover forms an important aspect of your travel insurance. Therefore, allocate the sum insured depending on how costly the medical services are in the country or city you are heading to.

Travelling Duration

The cost of your premium directly depends on your travelling duration. If you prefer travelling abroad, picking annual multi-trip policies is a good option for saving money. These policies have a validity of one year and normally can insure any number of foreign trips, even if each trip has duration of upto 35-45 days. Also, this prevents the hassle of buying a new policy and submitting documents every time you travel.

Decide your Activities

Is it a eat, sit, relax or a sightseeing holiday, or you are looking for some thrill at your destination? If your travelling checklist includes adventures like trekking, skiing, water sports or rafting, better look for an insurance covering such health-risky sports. As regular travel insurances won’t cover these risky-activities, you can look for a special coverage avalaible at an extra cost. If you have senior citizens on board, you can opt for policies that insures prior illness in particular conditions, and accidental casualties.

Comparisons are Must

Don’t just make a haste decision of buying a specific policy based on the amount covered and premium. Always draw comparisons between plans avalaible in the market. Compare companies and their policies based on factors like online facilities, procedure of claims, payment methods, range of hospitals covered etc.

Get Details

It’s important to know the procedures of claiming insurance. As there are so many different covers clustered together in a specific policy, like health, accident, baggage loss, trip cancellation etc., the procedures of making a claim may vary in different situations. Therefore, go through the procedures carefully and get the required documents ready. While on a trip you must save the helpline numbers of your insurer and the third-party administrator.

Do you know more tips which we have missed? Tell us in the comments below!