Ten Travelling Tips for a Solo Woman Traveller in India

Dos and Don'ts for solo travellers

Is it safe you to travel alone?

Well, this is the question that all women solo travellers have to grapple with. Unlike the rest of the world, a woman travelling alone is a rare sight in India and is still rendered as a unique concept. With ever increasing crime rates, safety issues come to the forefront warding off any desire or enthusisam. But for all those brave heads who want to push boundaries, we are here with our top ten travelling tips which if followed can secure you from the hassle and keep your spirits retained.

Presenting top 10 safe travel tips for our women solo travellers!

Do Your Research

For some ever-enthusiastic travellers, researching and planning about a trip is much more fun that exploring that destination in reality. For women travellers in specific (for males too, actually), this part of your trip is a must-do. Before you step your foot on an alien land procure every kind of safety information. For getting around in the city, what are the various modes of transportation available? Are there any particular taxis that you can hop on to? Does the trend changes in night? What is the nightlife of the city like? Find answers to all these questions before you make your move. Remember that safety comes first.

Study about Accommodation

For women travellers, it is important to check the safety ratings of a place that you have chosen for stay. Make sure to go through some reviews of former guests to get a peek into the safety arrangements and facilities. As always advised by the elderly, if you meet strangers, don’t give much details.

Trust is the Key

Don’t talk to strange people! All of us have got such kind of advice from our darling mothers and we all have always shooed it away thanks to our overconfidence. Well, that advice is extremely important when you are a solo traveller. Trust your instincts. If you are uncomfortable in some stranger approaching you, let him/her know your discomfort without worrying about sounding rude. It is for your own safety.

Gel along with not only People but the Local Culture

When in Rome, do as the Romans do! While researching your next destination, make sure to have a detailed understanding of how the local people dress and live. Try to look like a local and if that is difficult, be confident or at least pretend to be so. Talk to people and make friends with them only when your instincts allow.

Carry Some Defence Mechanisms

If you are a woman, safety is of supreme importance when you are travelling not only in India but in other parts of the world as well. The trick is to be aware and not scared. Don’t leave you confidence and invest some cash into pepper sprays, open assist knives, and other self-defence tools.

Keep Yourself Ready for Trouble

Do remember to keep an extra copy of your personal documents and be ready with some extra backup cash. If arrived at night, take a licensed cab or let your hotel arrange a taxi for you. If that costs you some extra pennies, remember that safety comes first.

Pack Wisely

While travelling solo, just carry some essentials and keep your valuables locked up. Don’t carry all your credit cards and fancy stuff like i-pads, laptops, etc., when going for a short walk or a tour. Carry some bare essentials that are required for that day.

Resist Alcohol

Bottom’s Up is not a good idea in a foreign land. You might end up disclosing all your secrets landing yourself into trouble.

Book in Advance

You might love the idea of ‘wing it.’ But self-preservation is sometimes better than anything. Book your hotels, taxis, tours etc. well in advance to ward off troubled scenarios.

Keep your Near Ones Close

Get your data packs recharged and let someone know your whereabouts either via checking-in to your social networking accounts or via GPRS. Before heading for your journey, let someone know your about your bookings and travelling time.

Leave your worries at home and the let the adventuress in you to discover the wonders of world!