World’s Longest And Deepest Rail Tunnel Opens In Switzerland

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Gotthard Tunnel

After two decades of construction work, the World’s longest rail tunnel beneath the Swiss Alps was opened officially on 1st June. Yes, it is Gotthard tunnel which stretches along 57 Km (35 miles) between northern and southern Europe provides a high speed rail link connecting the cities of Bodio and Erstfeld.

Here are some interesting facts about this longest as well as deepest tunnel in the world:


1. At its deepest point the Gotthard tunnel expanses 2.3 Km under mountain.

gotthard tunnel under mountain


2. Everyday around 260 freight trains and 65 passenger trains will pass through the tunnel and the journey will take only 17 minutes!

train in gotthard tunnel


3. During the construction of the tunnel around 2600 workers have been engaged where nine lost their lives in accidents.

workers in gotthard tunnel


4. While going through the construction engineers had to crack and blast through 73 different kinds of rock.

blast and drill in gotthard tunnel


5. The project cost more than $12 billion to build.

project cost gotthard tunnel


6. A lavish and colourful show was organised at Erstfeld to inaugurate the tunnel.

grand opening gottahrd tunnel


7. The grand opening show was created by Volder Hesse, one of the leading German theater directors.

ceremony at gotthard tunnel


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