Top 10 Travel Phobias You May Not Even believe You Have

The Fears of Travelling

Well yes, you know about aviatophobia (fear of flying), claustrophobia (fear of bounded spaces), hydrophobia (fear of water) or Xenophobia (fear of strangers); these are pretty common. But what about those anxiety-infusing scenarios and conditions that comes up when you are on a long journey? You might have experienced a one or two whether you want to believe it or not. We do not doubt you; but there are some travel phobias recognised by various scientists and psychologists knowing which might justify some strange situations you might have faced on a trip. So, let’s discover these top 10 travel phobias that can crop up any time when you are globe-trotting.

Nomophobia (the fear of being out of mobile phone contact)

As we live in a ‘Smart’ world, cell phones are one thing that retains an instant contact. Nomophobia plays with this need of constantly being in the network. There are many real life situations that can cause this anxiety like stranded on a seashore, unknown ways, drunk experiences etc.

Atephobia (fear of ancient ruins)

Visiting the majestic ruins of Machu-Picchu, Harappa Mohenjo-Daro or Hang Yangling might sound an exciting idea. However, no wonder that some of might have an unsettling fears of experiencing a stranded land that was once a flourishing civilization and disappeared centuries ago.

Disposophobia (Fear of losing things)

Stolen money purses, missing luggage and lost passport might make strongest of travellers paranoid, but disposophobic travellers are those highly anxious individuals who dead scared with the slightest risk of misplacing their toothbrushes.

Xenoglossophobia (Fear of foreign languages)

Undoubtedly, an individual lives with his/her mother tongue and it shapes the person’s personality. But learning a foreign language is not only for flaunting but also it can be very interesting and enriching in several ways. However, a person with this phobia is intimidated by foreign dialects and can be seen using translator applications wherever he/she goes.

Agrizoophobia (Fear of wild animals)

For anyone the idea of Jungle Safaris and spotting the Lion King in the wilderness can be very exciting and enthusiastic. But not for those who suffer from Agrizoophobia because they are so fearful of wild animals that they start blaming Gods for the existence of these wild creatures.

Hylophobia (Fear of forests)

There is no better way to find your philosophy in life than to be in the close proximity of natural peace. And on top of it, if the idea involves camping, the excitement and peace automatically gets multiplied. But not when you are suffering from Hylophobia. Also called as xylophobia, ylophobia, and dendrophobia, this fear never lets you to be a part of woods.

Macrophobia (Fear of Waiting)

Believe it or not, all of us hate waiting. However, fear of long waits sounds a bit weird! Well, people who are macrophobic are scared of long queues, long waiting hours and are daunted with just a mention of waiting rooms.

Agyrophobia (Fear of Crossing Streets)

Lots of high-speed cars with flashy lights beeping in large volumes is phenomenon that can freak out anyone. However, when you have Agyrophobia, things might get a tad bad. Misbalanced walking, body tremors affecting your breath are some signs when agyrophobic people are attacked by their fear of crossing streets.

Ipovlopsychophobia (Fear of Being Photographed)

Well, with the trend of social media ‘shout-outs,’ selfies and groupies are an unavoidable part of your trip and, let’s admit, most of us are obsessed with photographs. Not only they serve as beautiful memories but also they are proofs of our loving relationship with our travel buddies. For Ipovlopsychophobic people, all this is junk and scary. They have a weird fear of being clicked and freak out even when you take out a camera.

Hodophobia (Fear of road trips)

Mapping nothingness while traversing the road, no idea of a fixed destination, your favourite buddies and a perfect car- all this make one ideal road trip. But if anyone of you have Hodophobia, this just boring and a scary.

All this might sound weird. But these fears are as real as travelling. So, do you have any of these? Let us know in the comments below.