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Butter rock Krishna

The Mysterious Krishna’s Butter Ball Rock

‘Krishna’s Butter Ball’ is a huge 20 feet high and 5 meter wide rock that stands well-balanced on a slippery slope of a hillock at Mahabalipuram. The most astounding fact about the rock is that it looks like about to roll down the slope but had been always remain standing firmly on the slope without moving even a millimetre.

The rock is said to be Lord Krishna’s favourite food i.e. butter dropped from above and hence it got its name ‘Krishna Butter Ball’.

Let’s know some interesting facts about Krishna’s Butter Ball:

Challenging the modern science the massive rock of 250-ton is standing on even a less than 4 feet base.

Krishna Butter Rock


In Tamil the rock is called ‘Vaanirai Kal’ which means the ‘Stone of the Sky God’.

Butter Ball Rock


For its incredible features, the rock is also an inspiration behind the popular mud dolls, Tanjavur Bommai.

Mud Dolls


It is believed that in 1908, Governor of Madras Arthur Lawley tried to remove the rock from its position by the means of seven elephants. However, the rock didn’t move even to an inch.

Buuter rock


The big stone is believed to be 1200 year old!

Butter Rock Krishna


The great king Raja Chola was highly impressed by the rock and it is believed that the structure led to the tradition of creating dolls that never fell down.

dolls that never fell down