Tanot Mata Temple – A Miraculous Story

Glory of Goddess Hinglaz

There are many wonders in the world which are beyond any explanation and reason. Tanot Mata Temple is one such amazing structure locking some untold mystery and marvel.

Tanot Mata Temple is situated in Tanot village, 120 Km from Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. This highly revered temple lies close to the Pakistan border and battle site of Longewala of Indo-Pak war of 1971. The holy temple got prominence when during the Indo-Pakistan War of 1965; the Pakistani Army dropped around three thousand bombs at the temple but none of them either met its target or get exploded when fell in the vicinity of the temple. Let’s know in detail about this extraordinary happening of this well-regarded temple.

HistoryTanot Temple is named on Goddess Tanot which is said to be incarnation of Goddess Hinglaz, now located in Lasvela District of Baluchistan. The foundation of the temple and installation of the deity occurred in 847 AD and till then, it has been taken care by generations of Bhati Rajput. From centuries, the temple is highly esteemed by the local folks and nearby villages. But the miraculous incident enhanced its glory manifolds and spread it beyond the proximity of village, when it remained undamaged during the heavy bombarding of Pakistan. During that time Pakistani army captured Kishangarh and Sadewala and attacked Tanot as to move to Jaisalmer, they have to conquer this place. But the extraordinary incident gave so much inspiration to the Indian soldiers that they fought bravely and forced the enemies to retreat from the battle field. Those unexploded ordnance can still be seen in the temple museum. After war, Border Security Force established a security post at the place and rebuilt the grand temple. Thus it became a renowned and highly valued temple in the entire region.

Other episode associated with the temple – In 1971, again war occurred with Pakistan and a small group of Indian Army fought very bravely with a large troop of Pakistani Army in the battlefield at Longewala. It was one of the greatest defeats of Pakistani Army in the war and it is believed that it all happened due to the blessings of Mata Tanot. Longewala is called a graveyard of Pak tanks. In the remembrance of the great soldiers of the battle of Longewala, a victory pillar, known as Tanot Vijay Stambha is built at the main entrance of the temple. Every year, on December 16, Vijay Diwas (Victory Day) is celebrated here with great vigour to remember the heroic deeds of our soldiers.

How to Reach Tanot – Apart from private vehicles and hired taxis/cabs, Tanot can be reached by private run bus. Government bus of Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation is also run daily between Jodhpur and Tanot via Jaisalmer.

Where to stay – As Tanot is a small village, one cannot expect hotels and resorts here. But there is a big hall on the ground floor of Tanot Mata Temple that works for a Dharamshala for the visitors. Anybody can stay there in the night and blankets are also provided by the BSF for the comfort of guests.

Next time when you hop by Jaisalmer, don’t forget to visit this significant place and witness the mystique temple.