Dubai & Bollywood: A Remakable Saga Continues

Bollywood Theme Park at Dubai

Bollywood theme park is all set to open in October 2016, as part of a “go-getting” attraction called Dubai Parks and Resorts.

According to CEO Raed Al Nuaimi, “The cultural effect and appeal of Bollywood is universal.”

The park will have 16 unique attractions dedicated to Mumbai’s major film studios and will be divided into five zones.

Bollywood theme park


The Bollywood Boulevard is an industrial designed building that will house a large number of restaurants.  With live dance performances accompanied with cabaret-styled dances, this boulevard will have loads to give.

Inspired by the Mumbai’s famous Tapori culture, get ready to experience an enticing 3D ride, alongside power-packed dance performances on top of a local train.

Rustic Ravine is an interactive attraction promising jam-packed entertainment and adventure. It will feature a 3D shooter game, a live stunt show, and live dance numbers inspired by folk and regional dance shows.

The Royal Plaza will make you feel like royals through its perfect fine wine and dine settings. It will feature a Bollywood Broadway style musical galas all performed in the Rajkamal theatre.

Bollywood theme park dubai


One of the most important attractions of this park is the Bollywood Film Studios. A hall of fame will allow you to get a sneak peek into the realm of production set of popular Bollywood films.

With a multisensory theatre attraction showcasing an array of Bollywood superheroes, visit this place in its glory.

It will also feature the first Hunger Games rides, along with various fun-filled activities based on famous movies like Ghostbusters, Hotel Transylvania and How to Train Your Dragon.

theme park dubai


The Motion gate Dubai Movie Theme Park will have a series of 27 unique attractions along with a gigantic waterpark.

The theme park will turn out as a sensational extension to Dubai’s grandeur. With the five different zones  reflecting Bollywood culture, tourists and visitors will have a Hindi filmy masala experience of a lifetime.

Costing over US$2.85 million (£1.98m) and covering 25 million square feet, Dubai Parks and Resorts will open in October 2016.


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