Trivia: Khumbhalgarh Fort

Amazing Trivia About Kumbhalgarh Fort

  • With seven gigantic gates and the width of 15 to 25 feet, it claims to be the second longest wall in the world after the Great Wall of China.

kumbhalgarh fort 2nd largest wall


  • There are over 360 temples inside the periphery wall of the fort, 300 ancient Jain amongst several Hindu temples.

temple inside khumbhalgarh fort


  • According to the folklore, the priest advised the King that build a temple, where the head falls and construct the wall, where the body falls of a man. The king Rana Kumbha asked for the volunteers but nobody came forward except for a hermit who sacrificed his life and helped in the smooth construction of Kumbhalgarh fort. As decided Rana Kumbha constructed the temple where the head of that hermit had fallen.

khumbhalgarh fort temple


  • Amidst all temples, the Shiva Temple is remarkable as it possesses a huge ‘Shivlinga’.

shiv temple at khumbhalgarh fort


  • The castle Jhalia ka Malia or the Palace of Queen Jhalia is said to be the birthplace of Maharana Pratap.

birthplace mahranapratap at khumbhalgarh fort


  • Confined within thirteen elevated mountain peaks, the fort is built on the summit around 1,914 meters above sea level.

moutain peaks at khumbhalgarh fort