Top Ten Waterfalls of India

Drizzling Beauties of Nature

It is one of the most spectacular sights to behold the gushing stream of waterfall, falling from an amazing height and passing through the green valleys. These waterfalls roaring and running through innumerable dots of rocks is a rare gift of nature. The loveliness of these scenic cascades is heightened even more with the perfect backdrop of green forest and verdant foliage.

India, which is blessed with extreme natural beauty, is home to many beautiful waterfalls. Here, we are telling you about top ten most breathtakingly waterfalls of the country.

Athirappily Waterfall – Kerela

Apart from pristine backwaters, God’s Own Country – Kerala is gifted with many cascading waterfalls. Athirappily Fall located in Thrissur district, is one such beauty which can be best beheld during monsoon season, when it is in full flow. Located on Chalakudy River, this 80 ft. waterfall is placed near the Vazhachal Forest, which has rich flora and fauna. This largest waterfall of Kerala has earned the nickname of ‘Niagara of India’ and is an important tourist destination of the state.

Location – 30 kms from Chalakudy village, 70 kms from Cochin City.

Jog Falls – Karnataka

Jog Falls, the second highest plunge waterfall of India, is located on the Sagara and Uttar Kannada border. This arresting waterfall, tumbling down from 830 ft. in lush green thickets, is one of the bewitching scenes to watch. Visit the place in monsoon and watch the torrential flow of water through the rocky cliffs.

Location – Shimoga, 30 kms away from nearest town Sagar and 378 kms from Bangalore

Doodhsagar Fall – Goa

Apart from exotic beaches, Goa is well known for Doodhsagar Falls, one of the highest waterfalls of the country. The full glamour of this milky white stream of water can be best seen during monsoon. This 1020 ft. high waterfall is set amidst the verdant valley carpeted with tropical forest. It is one of the popular weekend gateways and honeymoon destinations of Goa for the dwellers of nearby states.

Location – 60 kms from Panji, 60 kms north of Belagaum and 46 kms from Madgaon

Nohkalikai Falls – Meghalaya

Located near Cherrapunji, the wettest place on Earth, Nohkalikai Falls is the third highest waterfall of the country. The best thing about this fall is that it can be visited anytime of the year as due to plenty of rainfall round the year, the fall remains in its full-bloomed beauty.

Location – 7 kms from Cherrapunji and 150 kms away from Guwahati

Bhimlat Falls – Rajasthan

Placed in Bundi village, Rajasthan, Bhimlat stands contrary to the warm desert image of the state. One of the hidden and less explored places of Rajasthan, Bhimlat displays its charm in a full-fledged manner during monsoon. But apart from the rainy season, the fall is a great relief in the arid land of Rajasthan.

Location – 35 kms from Bundi, on the Chittor road

Kune Falls – Maharashtra

The Lonavala and Khandala regions of Maharashtra are gifted with several magnificent waterfalls. The three tiered, Kune falls, spilling from 200 meters height is one such waterfall which is famous for its awe-inspiring beauty. The pure white stream of water gracefully rolling through deep green valley is one of the amazing marvels of nature. Visit this popular tourist spot in Khandala, during rainy season.

Location – 10 kms from Lonavala, 81 kms from Pune

Elephant Falls – Meghalaya

Set amidst the fern covered rocks, Elephant Falls is one more natural treasure of Meghalaya. Situated 12 kms away, on the outskirts of Shillong, this fall shows its pristine beauty in three section of sequential flow. The fall got its unique name, when Britishers named it after a rock near the fall resembling elephant.

Location – 12 kms from Shillong and 106 kms from Guwahati

Iruppu Falls – Karnataka

Possessed with extreme natural beauty, Coorg is one of the most romantic destinations of India. Iruppu Falls is one of the high spots of this pristine place which is known for its captivating beauty. Also known as Lakshaman Tirtha Falls, it is situated in Kodagy district, near famous Rameshwara Temple.

Location – South Karnataka, 50 kms from Nagarahole National Park, 300 Kms from Bangalore, 120 kms from Mysore

Dhuandhar Falls – Madhya Pradesh

Located on the Narmada River, Dhuandhar Falls have its place in the central part of India, Madhya Pradesh. Falling from 98 ft. high rocky cliffs, the tumbling and mighty stream of the fall, is one of the stunning sights to watch. Lined with evergreen vegetation, the beautiful spot has also the facility of cable car.

Location – Bhedaghat, 30 kms away from Jabalpur

Nuranang Falls – Arunachal Pradesh

Lying in the Tawang district, Nuranang Falls is one of the most spectacular and less explored spots of the country. Surrounded by the panoramic views of Tawang, the waterfall is not just a tourist attraction but it also serves as the source of electricity for the inhabitants of Arunachal Pradesh.

Location – 5-6 km from Jang village, 20- 30 km from Tawang

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