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Top 7 Most Scariest Bridges Around the World

If you are not afraid of heights, have a sense of adventure, and mock in the face of danger, then you should check out these nerve-chilling bridges. Ranging from sky-high suspension bridges to dangling rope bridges, these crossings are not intended for weak. The construction of these bridges involved years of brainstorming with a bunch of engineers and architectures ensuring the safety.

Here are some of the most magnificent bridges, from remote places to around the world giving you a dose of adrenaline rush:

Aiguille du Midi Bridge, France

Aiguille-du-Midi-bridge-france (1)

This bridge is located in France and is considered as one of the most dangerous dangling bridges of the world. Aiguille du Midi Bridges is situated at the pinnacle of Aiguille du Midi in the Mont Blanc ridge near Chamonix. It is about 12,605 feet above the sea level. A cable car climbing 9,200 vertical feet takes 20 minutes.

Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado

royal brigde3

The bridge is considered as America’s highest suspension bridge which is situated in Royal Gorge, Colorado, over the Arkansas River. The bridge is about 969 feet above the sea level and is about 1,260 feet long. It is advisable for those who are acrophobic should not go to this bridge.

Trift Suspension Bridge, Switzerland


It is about 328 feet above the sea level and about 558 feet long in distance. It is one of the Alps’ longest and highest suspension bridges. In 2009, stabilizing cables were connected to this bridge in order to prevent it from wavering viciously in wind.

Mackinac Bridge, Michigan


This is also famous in the world as dangerous dangling bridge of the world. The biggest and most dangerous fear of this bridge is wind which often exceeds 30 miles per hour on the bridge.

Puente de Ojuela, Mexico

Bridge Puente_de_Ojuela_

This bridge is situated at the town of Ojuela, an old mining community in the Northern state of Durango, Mexico. The dimensions of the bridge are 1,043 feet long, 2 feet wide and about 360 feet above the sea level. As a safety feature the steel cables are there connected with the help of two towers.

Hussaini Hanging Bridge, Pakistan

bridge- Hussaini

This bridge is positioned at the village of Hussaini in Northern Pakistan, crossing to Hunza River. There is huge gap between the strides of this bridge making it more challenging and dangerous to cross. It becomes difficult to cross this bridge over the swiftly flowing Hunza River.

Seven Mile Bridge, Florida

Aerial View of the Seven Mile Bridge, Florida Keys, Florida USA

This bridge is situated in Florida is one of the most dangerous bridges of the world. As the name illustrates, this bridge is about 7 miles long and 65 feet high. This bridge is often encircled with horrible hurricanes.