7 Iconic Bridges in India that You Must See

Connecting Places

Since the time of Ramayana, Indians possess an expertise in building bridges that connect different places and cultures. Call it feats of engineering or the need to unite the country while linking lands- there are some bridges in India that are surely masterpieces of construction. Looking at these bridges, one garners a sense of admiration towards the advancement of technology that gets the company of an efficient human mind to create realities out of fantasies. Let’s take a ride by reading about some of the famous bridges in India that will surely captivate you with their mighty appearance.

Naini Setu

One of the oldest and largest bridges connecting the shores of Yamuna River, the Naini Setu is a cable-stayed bridge that has both the rail and road compatibility. Its upper deck has a two-lane railway line and the lower deck has a single road line making travelling more convenient.

Opened in 1865, the bridge is located across the Yamuna River near Allahabad.

Narmada Setu

Popularly known as the Golden Bridge, the Narmada Setu was built by the British to connect the main city of Bombay (now Mumbai) for trade purposes. A glamorous bridge, it speaks of the reminiscences of a colonial India.

Opened in 1881, it is located across the Narmada River near Bharuch.

Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link

The largest over-the-sea link in India, the Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link is another marvel of engineering. Commonly known as Bandra-Worli sea link it was built to get a relief from the traffic congestion between these points in Mumbai. When there, don’t miss the opportunity to have a ride on this bridge while enjoying the endless sea on both sides.

Opened in 2009, it is situated across Mahim Bay near Bandra.

Vikramshila Setu

Connecting two national highways namely NH-80 and NH-31, the Vikramshila Setu is the third longest bridge on water. It is the only bridge in India that has pedestrian walkways at the edges and is named after the ancient Mahavira of Vikramshila.

Opened in 2001, it is located across the Ganges near Bhagalpur.

Rabindra Setu

Also known as the Howrah Bridge, the Rabindra Setu is the defining image of Kolkata. It is amazing to see that this cantilever bridge is the busiest of bridge in the entire country and carries a daily traffic of 100,000 vehicles. The ‘Big Daddy’ of all bridges in India it has an interesting history that makes it a tourist attraction in Kolkata.

Opened in 1943, it is located across the Hoogly River in Kolkata.

Pamban Setu

The first sea bridge of its kind, it links the ancient city of Rameshwaram to the mainland. It contains a double leaf bascule section midway that allows the passage of ships and barges. Speaking for the modern India, the bridge is another masterpiece of engineering.

Opened in 1913, it is situated across the Palk Street near Rameshwaram.

Godavari Setu

The longest bridge linking Howrah and Madras is a monumental creation waiting to get a position in the list of monuments in India. Also, known as the Havelock Bridge, the bridge is an evidence of India’s steps towards modernity.

Opened in 1900, it is located across the Godavari River near Rajahmundry.

So, when bitten by a travel bug and you get a chance to explore these places, don’t forget to take a ride or just get a view of some of these iconic bridges in India.