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Shopping in Mysore

Top 4 Things to Buy in Mysore

A trip to an Indian city is incomplete without exploring its local bazaars and shops. Every destination is known for some unique items that forms the highlight of that place and acts a as a testament to the city’s cultural heritage that has shaped its character. Carrying the same tradition forward, Mysore is one city in South India that has retained centuries of cultural influences reflected by the best-selling items of its bazaars. Be it traditional garments, paintings or handicrafts- Mysore bustling markets gives you enough to satisfy your shopping streaks. Read below to find out more!


The world-renowned Mysore Silk Sari has added traditional glamour to every Indian woman’s personality since centuries. It is considered auspicious and is worn during religious occasions and auspicious ceremonies. Its beauty lies in its intricate designs, wide range of colours and elegant looks- all reflecting the tradition of this cultural city. The major highlight of Mysore Silk Sarees is the beautiful work of Gold Zari which also acts as the determining factor for its prize.

One can grab a piece or two from famous private weavers or from the showrooms of Government Silk Weaving Factory situated on Manandavadi Road or Krishnaraja circle. The prices start at Rs. 3000 which increases depending on the Zari work.


Mysore shopping hubs are also famous for selling items made from sandalwood- an aromatic wood of the Sandal tree that retains its aroma for decades. This wood is also used to extract oil which is used in making soaps, incense sticks, perfumes, talcum powder, oils and body washes. The sandalwood oil is also used as an ingredient in various medicines, antiseptics and for aromatherapy as well.

When in Mysore, don’t forget to lay your hands on some of the sandalwood products. For authentic sandalwood oil , you can visit either the local markets or the Government Sandalwood Oil factory .

Incense Sticks (Agarbattis)

Mysore local bazaars are filled with shops selling incense sticks of different varieties. Visitors buy these sticks in bulk as Mysore forms its prime manufacturing base. Incense sticks are sold by small and large manufacturers in aromas like sandalwood and jasmine. As they are affordable and useful, one can also buy these incense sticks as souvenirs for their friends and relatives.

A packet of incense sticks will cost you around Rs 25 to Rs 100 depending on the quality and quantity.

Handicrafts and Paintings

Last but not the least; Mysore is famous for its beautiful handicrafts which are made of sandalwood, teak and rosewood. Various shops lining its bustling bazaars sell items with inlay works, like teapots, coffee tables, idols, jewel boxes and furniture, which grabs the attention of every visitor. Their remarkable artistry enhances your home décor and is worth every penny.

To get a wide range of variety to choose from, make your way to Cauvery handicrafts Emporium of the Karnataka Handicrafts Development Corporation, located on the Sayyaji Rao Road.

The city is also renowned for its incomparable painting styles which include Ganjifa paintings, watercolours and oil paintings. It is also home to famous artists who have produced exceptional work of arts that has given Mysore its fame in the field of art and craft. The best place to buy these paintings is the Government Handicrafts emporium in Mysore.

Happy Shopping!