5 Places in India for Some Amazing Saree Shopping

It’s time to add some traditional glamour to your wardrobe!

Be it evergreen Rekha, dancing Queen Madhuri Dixit or versatile Vidya Balan, sarees has always remained an integral part of any Indian woman’s personal wardrobe. A traditional attire, sari has seen many transformations in the recent past owing to trends created by Bollywood. Right from being a common garment worn by household women in every house to being recent trendy apparel designed for our fashionistas- this gorgeous attire has never been out of fashion. As a country with diversity in its every bit, India has variety in everything that it offers and sarees is not an exception. So, get ready with your credit cards and read below to find out more about the regions in India known for unique design in sarees.


Apart from being famous for its Ghats and lip-smacking Tamaatar Chat, Banarsi Sarees has always remained on a top position in any Indian bride’s trousseau. The secret behind its artistic splendour lies in their artwork of gold and silver brocade of Zari and extraordinary embroidery. It’s Mughal inspired designs involving fine intermeshing of floral and foliate motifs and unique designs involving Kalga, Bel and Jhallar makes it highly in demand. When in Banaras don’t forget to lay your hands on some of these masterpieces and to add some traditional glamour to your style.


As a trademark for this traditional attire, the Mysore silk sari is made of pure silk and 100 % pure silk gold Zari. This speciality of sari is having an innovation where a new method is now adopted with the use of Kasuti embroidery. Thickly woven pallus, bandhini techniques and new designs in unique colours like lilac, coffee-brown, and elephant grey are some new innovations characterising this age-old garment.


Made at Kota, the Doria sarees combines simplicity with elegance in its patterns and designs. The raw material used is cotton silk and they have square like patterns known as Khats. A did-you-know fact is that weavers smear onion juice and rice paste on the yarn making it strong enough so that no additional finishing is needed.

Grab a piece and make your sari collection even more appealing!


Known for the famous tant cotton sari, Vishnupuri and Tassar silk saris, Kolkata is a popular shopping hub for buying saris. The white sari with a red border known as Laar Paar sari is seemingly an idenfictaion mark of Bengali women. So, when in Kolkata make sure to pack at least one of these in your suitcase.


Woven naturally and characterised by their wide contrast borders, the Kanjeevaram saree is supposedly the Banarsi Saree of South India. Temple borders, checks, stripes and floral motifs- the sari has everything to give you a stunning and royal look. Chennai is the best place to buy Kanjeevaram Sarees and it is not difficult to say that your wedding collection is incomplete without having a piece of it.

So, don’t hesitate to spend your savings as these masterpieces are worth your every penny!