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Best Shopping Places in Pune

Pune, with its more than a dozen loaded bazaars provides numberless opportunities for a shopaholic. From trendy malls to local bazaars, the booming markets of Pune offers wide options of shopping items, fitting to everyone’s budget. Meeting to the shopping desires of a number of people, the markets of the industrial city are popularly known for its rice flakes and Kolhapuri Chappals.

If you are heading to this city, here is a quick guide for you to explore some of the best bazaars of Pune.

Laxmi Road

Being one of the crowded and largest markets of Pune, Laxmi Road reflects the real colour of Indian Culture. Set in narrow side streets and by lanes, this market is packed with fashionable and traditional stores. Walk through these bustling lanes and you will be amazed and spoilt by the variety of choices the dazzling shops offers. The market is chiefly famous for fine clothings and jewellery.

Best Shopping Items – Garments

Mahatma Gandhi Road

MG Road, which is locally known as camp is hub for more affluent shoppers. The road is home to a number of branded shops and boutiques. Meeting to several options M. G. Road has not only shops but also restaurants, eating joints, ice-cream parlour, bakeries.

Best Shopping Items – Clothes, Gift items and Accessories

Fashion Street

Sounding same like the fashion street of Mumbai, this shopping destination has one of the posh shops of the city. Containing more than four hundred and fifty stalls, Fashion Street is best for fashion freaks. From clothes to footwear the place offers everything to satiate the heart of a fashionista.

Best Shopping Items – Trendy clothes and Footwear

Tulsi Baug

Also named as Basil Garden, Tulsi Baug is one of the oldest and thronged shopping destinations of Pune. The most picked items of this bazaar are copper, brass idols and household items. This street is famous for selling items used by women like cosmetics, gold jewelleries, fashionable items and traditional clothes.

Best Shopping Items – Household Objects

Juna Bazar or Old Market

Juna Bazar is treasure of shopping items selling a variety of sundry items. Located near Maldhaka Chowk, the market is fit to shop from accessories like necklaces to useful tools like screwdrivers and door hinges. The market is popular among outside visitors and foreigners for selling antique coins. Second hand items are one of the popular selling objects of this market. If you are marching to Juna bazar, we tell you that it remains open only on Wednesday and Sundays.

Best Shopping Items – Antique Articles

Phule Market

Phule Market is best to bargain for fresh fruits and vegetables. Largely a vegetable market, it is visited by a large number of local residents of Pune, especially on weekends and holidays. Also known as Mahatma Phule Mandai, this resourceful bazar is meeting the daily requirements of city dwellers from British era. The buzzing market also sells Puja items.

Best Shopping Items – Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Bajirao Road

Although Bajirao Road is the furniture market of Pune but it has ample stores of garments and other items also. Positioned in the centre market of Pune, the place is treasure full of all types of furniture including domestic, household, antique, custom made and furniture for modular kitchen.

Best Shopping Items – Furniture of any kind

Fergusson College Road

Located in the inner west side of Pune, Fergusson College Road is the most explored site by youngsters. This shopping site is one of the best bargaining spots for clothes and books by college going students. Commonly known as FC Road, the place comprises hotels, restaurants, offices and outlets like Barista, Café Coffee Day and Subway. This place is also famous for its sweet shops and books at discounted price.

Best Shopping Items – Books

Jangli Maharaj Road or J.M. Road

The street got this unique name due to the ashram of Jangli Maharaj situated here. The place is home to many branded stores and outlets. Many eating joints, fast food shops and coffee shops are located in the place which attracts a large crowd.

Best Shopping Items – Branded Clothes and Delicious Food

Hong Kong Lane

The Hong Kong Market Lane offers huge collection of bags, clothes, footwear, accessories and books. The market is also abounding with foreign goods. A great delight for jewellery lovers as the lane is a big store of costume jewellery both for men and women. You can find interesting accessories here, like beaded bracelets, lockets, sport watches, caps, belts and many more such stuffs.

Best Shopping Items – Accessories

From fine branded malls to street shops, we have provided the list of all bustling bazars of Pune. Now, start loading your bags with your favourite items by visiting these markets.