Top 5 Tips for a Perfect Road Trip

Plan your Road Trip the Smart way

While you are on a road trip, the journey becomes your destination. Some travellers call it an adventure; others consider it as a meditation. The idea of hitting the roads on your bike, while feeling windy strokes across your face, excites any avid traveller to the core. Generally, for all vacations one has to plan, research and worry a bit. But for a road trip what all you need is a vehicle, a bag-pack of essentials and a lot of enthusiasm. Although, it brings few challenges, but tracing a path with no fixed destination gives you a soul-stirring journey. Road trips are much more than this. But if you are still wondering about whether to make that once in a lifetime journey; go through our list of top 5 tips of a perfect road trip to gather more inspiration.

Try NOT to Plan

The ideal road trip is actually a spur-of-the-moment, unplanned journey that does not require any rigorous research or brain-storming. What you need is a car, basic sustaining equipment, little music, and ideal road trip buddies. The crux is that a perfect road trip is all about spontaneity and not fussing over things.

The ‘Route’ of Discovery

On a road, only you are in charge of yourself. One has to make a call as to whether to traverse the highways already walked upon or to try some off the beaten tracks. Whichever way you choose, make sure that you don’t drive at a stretch. Also, while you are on a road trip, keep your plans flexible because you never know what new surprises are waiting for you at each turn.

The Entertainment Factor

Mapping out the road ahead might be quite boring if you are driving alone. Therefore, it is wise to have a stock of your favourite music albums. Be it rock, spiritual or just some old melodies, music will boost your energy to keep up with distances. On the contrary, a road trip is the best option to revive your relationships with your family and friends. Let your childhood buddy philosophise on life while you crack some jokes on his past drunk experiences. Strengthening bonds, it makes you to relive your old memories while forming some new ones at the same time.

Money Matters

Money Matters are always crucial regarding travelling and a road trip is not an exception. However, hitting a road cost you much less than any train or flight ticket with your privacy as an added advantage. When you are on a road trip, the main factor to consider is the fuel. Hence, make sure the fuel tank is filled for a good start. Although an empty road might tempt you to speed up; but sticking to the limits is better for both the fuel and your life. As far as food is concerned, nothing is better than the roadside dhabas. However, it is wise to be backed up by some dry food items in case culinary stopovers are difficult to find.

The Perfect Vehicle

Whether you are taking your own vehicle or renting a car for a limited time period, make sure your ride is effective and comfortable. Check the fuels and remember to carry repairing equipment for fixing punctures or a vehicle breakdown. If you are renting a vehicle, pick one that is well-maintained and is compatible with the kind of road you are going to drive on.

All said, with these tips we hope that you are able to cut out that long-awaited road trip from your bucket list. Don’t forget to tell us about your experiences by signing up for our Share Travel Idea section.

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