Best Road Trip Destinations of South India

5 best routes for an Unforgettable Journey

The long roadway coiling and uncoiling itself through deep valleys, blue mountains, thick forests and streaming rivers displays some vibrant shades of nature. And this colourful slideshow can be best beheld by taking a road trip through these amazing paths.

So for our adventurous and enthusiastic travellers, we have prepared a list of wonderful road trips in South India which you should take at least once in your life-time.

Visakhapatnam to Araku valley

Distance – About 116 Km

Special Attraction – Borra Caves and Tatipudi Reservoir on the way.

Starting from Bay of Bengal and ending at Western Ghats, the road from Visakhapatnam to Araku valley encompasses beautiful curves and bends in its way. No traveller can help himself/herself from getting mesmerises by the pristine beauty which the path offers through its gentle slopes and a number of waterfalls on the way.

Chennai to Puducherry

Distance – 160 Km

Special Attraction – Mahabalipuram, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, falls in the way.

The Road Trip from Chennai to Puducherry can be taken by hitting the East Coast Road which connects the two cities. This state highway, which runs along the coast of Bay of Bengal, is astounding for lush greenery and breath-taking views. There are a number of diversions on the main way which will take you to some amazing offbeat places like Sadras Dutch Fort, Kalpakkam; Pichavaram Mangrove Forests; Covelong Beach and many more such hidden gems.

Bengaluru to Bandipur Forest

Distance – 235 Km

Special Attraction – Bandipur National Park

A road trip through thick, lush green forest has a different appeal and excitement. Take the road from Bangalore to Bandipur forest and experience the charming vistas of nature passing by en route. In addition to this you can take this same road going to Ooty, passing through the Bandipur National Park.

Pamban Bridge, Rameshwaram

Distance – 13.5 Km

Special Attraction – An exceptional ride over vast expanse of sea

The 2,065 m long sea bridge of Pamban made possible to take a road trip over the immense surface of sea. This bridge which connects Rameswaram on Pamban Island to Tamil Nadu, offers incredible views of azure ocean. This memorable road trip should be included in everyone’s bucket list.

Chennai to Munnar

Distance – 600 Km

Special Attraction – Mesmerising scene of verdant tea gardens on the way

Take this 10 hour long road trip and roll on one of the most alluring trails passing by scenic views, beautiful hills and green tea gardens. The smooth road with several turns offers one of the rejuvenating drives, you ever had.

Road trips give an outlet to see many unexplored beauty of a place which lies on the roadway.

People don’t take trips. Trips take people – John Steinbeck