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Bhangarh Fort – The most haunted place in India

Make any list of the most haunted places in India, and you will be compelled by a ‘supernatural’ instinct to place the fort Bhangarh on top. Although we live in a world of logic, but reports of few uncanny occurrences at Bhangarh defeats all form of reason. There is no concrete proof behind the eeriness, but few legends of Bhangarh might reason for all the fear factors. Many visited this fort to justify its haunted-ness, some failed to provide concrete results and some, by the way, never came back. Moreover, the scariness of the place is such that the Archaeological Society of India has claimed it to be one of the most haunted sites in India even making it illegal for anyone to visit this fortified city after sunset.

So, let’s experience the nerve- chilling splendour of Bhangarh by exploring its mythic presence.

Few Facts

Situated in the Alwar district of Rajasthan, in the vicinity of the Sariska Tiger Reserve, Bhangarh is a 17th century fort constructed by Raja Prabhash Rajguru. The premises of this haunted fort contain numerous palaces, temples and havelis in addition to a Muslim tomb. The central palace is shielded by two inner fortifications and has five gates serving as entryways. Other small building like the Nachan ki haveli (dancer’s palace) and Jauhari Bazar (market place) are representive of the glories of a throbbing city that was once a throbbing kingdom.

The Legend

You might be thinking about the mystery behind Bhangarh- the haunted fort. To our surprise, historians and Internet have two legends. One of them claim that a sage Baba Balanath living in the fort demanded that his own house should never get touched by the shadow of another house. A prince, in his arrogance defied this and built a palace that completely overshadowed the forbidden abode of the sage. The sage in return cursed the town with mass deaths and decay.

The second story revolves around romance and love. It is believed that an occult tantric, Singhiya used black magic to snare the Princess of Bhangarh Ratnavati which didn’t work. Hence, the tantric was sentenced to death. The magician in turn cursed the town that everybody would die after him and would never get a rebirth. That’s what happened finally when a battle in the following year destroyed everyone.

The Experience

For anyone visiting Bhangarh, obviously during daytime, there is some adrenaline gushing experiences waiting. People have reported a weird feeling of being watched by someone. They get to hear sounds of dancing, laughter, wailing and chattering in parts of the fort’s premises. Also, few people have even had an unnatural feeling of not being alone. Definitely, there are some fear factors.

Are there any ghosts?

Many logical people have tried to explain the eeriness of Bhangarh, but interestingly have failed to deliver any concrete conclusion. However, a team of Indian Paranormal society dared to spend a night at the fort and apparently, they have reasons for all uncanny occurrences. Scientific concepts like electromagnetic fields, temperatures and other parameters were seemed normal. The eerie sounds are supposedly from the animals in the nearby Sariska Tiger reserve, and the random smell emerges out of all the occult practices that happen during the day. Basically, what make Bhangarh haunted are all the legends behind it. However, the society has not been able to provide any concrete data or readings that they have recorded. Also, why they chose a stipulated time frame between sunrise and sunset is beyond comprehension of the normal minds.

So, do you believe in ghosts?