Top10 Best Underwater Resorts In The World

Exotic Underwater Resorts in the World

Have you ever fantasize about sleeping with the fishes? Well, now you can give wings to your fantasy while staying in some of the astonishing underwater resorts. Underwater resorts are more or less a matter of a vivacious imagination. If you are thrilled by the occasional adventure-streaks, and happy to get indulged into something very exciting and enticing, you should explore one of these  exotic underwater resorts in the world. From partly submerged extravagant suites to real submarine hotels, there are a bunch full of underwater resorts across the globe.

Here, we have come up with a list of some of the most beautiful underwater hotels around the world:




The serene and enchanting Conrad Rangali Island offers 180-degree panoramic views of the pulsating coral reefs. Ranked as ‘the most beautiful restaurant in the world’ by the New York Daily News in 2014, the resort provides an incredible stay with first-rate accommodation facilities. With the restaurant serving gourmet indulgences in a six-course set dinner menu, you can relish your aquatic-stay.



British travel agent Oliver's Travels is offering romantics a chance to push the boat out this Valentine's Day - by spending £175,000 to have a date on a submarine.

Located off the coast of Caribbean island, Lovers Deep is a plush submarine envisioned for couples who want to spend some time together plunged beneath the oceanic waves. The eye-popping views of the aquatic circle will leave you amazed. The submarine is well-equipped with all the safety features and lavish amenities. Relive your magical moments with your partner while enjoying the underwater magnificence. Plan your trip now!




If you want to indulge into an exceptional dining amidst the lively view of the sea bed, Anantara Kihavah’s restaurant is an ultimate destination. Here, at  Anantara Kihavah, you can experience the world’s first underwater wine cellar. The intercontinental gourmet menu accompaniment with matured wines to relish upon.



manta resort

Situated at an entrancing island beach, Manta Resort is an abode for adventure and water sports on East Africa’s premium island sanctuary. This place is famous for its underwater room, a private floating island with a bedroom 4 metres or 13 feet below the surface. If you are mulling that how much does it cost to stay in this lavish underwater hotel, it will cost you around $1500 per-night. Take a break and indulge yourself into a tropical marine setting.



atlantis dubai

Dubai based palm tree shaped island, palatial Atlantis The Palm  houses the best underwater luxury suite laced with world class amenities and breathtaking underwater views of marine inhabitants. With floor to ceiling windows, you can have the straight view of the Lagoon. Well, that’s not enough as the suites offer a 24/7 personalized butler, therapeutic massage centre.




Get ready to tucked away on the world’s largest aquarium at Resort World in Singapore. Whilst enjoying amazing  marine views, you can have a comfortable stay with best-in-class comfort features. The resort houses 11 exquisite suits, designed into two-story house fashion offering guests with the view of both land and sea . The upper floor comprises of an open living area with a courtyard and Jacuzzi. On the other hand,  the lower floor provides an incredible underwater view of over 40,000 aquatic species.




Located in the interiors of Niyama resort, Subsix is situated 500 metres above and six metres below the waterline. Ranging from private Champagne breakfasts, cherished subaquatic lunches, to quenching  wine tastings, themed evenings and club nights, you can relax and enjoy the good life.  Brace yourself to dance away in this vivid underwater club while rejoicing the depths of the Indian Ocean.




Boutique hotel Huvafen Fushi is one of the Maldives’ leading hotels. It is located in a clear lagoon, where you can relax on your own reserved section of sugar white sand, scuba dive in one of the Maldives vibrant reefs. Here, you can swim in the far-reaching lagoon whilst enjoying your encounter with sea creatures. Let loose with your partner by staying into remarkable underwater honeymoon suite offered by Huvafen Fushi.




One of the world’s exotic underwater hotel is currently under construction in Fiji. The resort claims to be the amalgamation of illustrious beauty of aquatic life with luxurious amenities. One can reach there via lift from the shore of the Viti Levu Island and is located forty feet under the sea. It is an offshore inlet, with glass windows and oceanic lights, with myriads of enthralling views  of vibrant marine life. On the other hand, the resort has delayed its opening until 2020.




The 380 room Shimao Wonderland InterContinental is currently under construction in a pit in Songjiang, China, about 30 miles away from Shanghai. It will become one of the star hotels under the flagship of InterContinental Hotel group. It will feature some rooms underwater as the pit will be partly filled with water in order to create a man-made lake. The wonderland will have two underwater floors, in which the lowest floor will have a swimming pool. Construction of the hotel is estimated to be completed by 2017, and its running two years behind the original date.

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