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Top 10 Haunted Hotels in America For A Spooky Feeling

There are many hotels in the United State of America, where some special guests don’t register their stay; precisely ‘overstay’. Some of them can roam anywhere of the hotels and some have their own priorities over some particular rooms. Yes; we are talking about the guests of the other world. Those hotels are famous for paranormal activities of supernatural spirits. Travelers all over the world visit the hotels to solidify their belief in ghosts. If you too want to experience the eerie feeling, these 10 hotels must be on your list then.


1. Crescent Hotel & Spa, Eureka Spring, Arkansas


Established: 1886

This 130 years old heritage hotel has the title of ‘America’s most haunted hotel’. The building was a women college and a hospital ran by an eccentric doctor Norman Baker. Guests documented the encounter with the supernatural spirits named Michael, Theodora and Morris, the cat. Recently guests are invited to hear the ghost stories of Ozark Mountain in campfire and tour of the morgue at midnight.

2. Driskill Hotel, Austin


Established: 1886

If you want to have some other-worldly experience, you must stay in the Room number 525 of the hotel where the spirit of the founder Colonel Jesse Driskill may welcome you. The most disturbing story of the hotel is the suicides of two brides in the same room 20 years apart.

3. Admiral Fell Inn, Baltimore


Established: 1929

Known as ghost magnet of America, the building was constructed in 1730 as the theatre and boarding house. The hotel attracts the unsatisfied souls who once resided in the rooms. Many guests have reported the noise of the party from the unoccupied rooms.

4. Hotel Roosevelt, California


Established: 1927

This hotel is famous for the legendary Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe’s spirit. She stayed here during her modeling days (and now it believes in the full-length mirror of the same suite) while Montgomery Clift occupied the Room 928 while he was shooting for the movie ‘From Here to Eternity’. It is also believed that many other souls roam freely on the corridor hotel which is situated on the ‘Hollywood Fame of Walk’.

5. Queen Mary, Long Beach, California


Established: 1930

Do you want to experience a dramatic scene of a woman in a white dress walking through the corridor of the ship in the middle of the night? Then this haunted ship which has transformed into a hotel is your perfect destination. The paranormal investigators also found the trace of a sailor and many children on the board.

6. The Seelbach Hilton, Louisville


Established: 1936

In the hotel, the Lady in Blue roams on the eighth floor waiting for her husband. The lady, Patricia Wilson a divorcee came here to meet and reconcile with her ex-husband with whom she was deeply in love. But on his way to the hotel, her husband had a car accident and died on the spot. Grief-stricken Patricia threw herself down the shaft of the elevator. Now her spirit wanders in the extensive blue chiffon dress with a really long open black hair.

7. Congress Plaza Hotel, Chicago


Established: 1893

This hotel is famous for the notorious spirit of gangster Al Capone. And Peg-Leg Johnny also gives him a tough competition in scaring the guests. Every year this hotel arranges a special ball on the Halloween night to celebrate the residence of the spirits.

8. Stanley Hotel, Colorado


Established: 1909

This hotel is the inspiration for Stephen King’s supernatural thriller ‘The Shining’. Just like the creepy twine sisters of the novel, you can have the encounter of the spirits of the original owner duo Freelan Oscar and Flora Stanley. Now the hotel arranges a five hour’s ghost hunt tour of the hotel and its spooky underground tunnels.

9. The Myrtles Plantation, Louisiana


Established: 1796

This is one of the creepiest places of US where activities of 12 ghosts have been recorded so far. General David Bradford built the plantation during the Whisky Rebellion. As per the report, two of the ghosts were photographed here. A green turban-clad ghost named Chole is the most famous of all.

10. Emily Morgan Hotel, San Antonio


Established: 1924

This hotel has all the required ingredients for the creepiest haunted place like old medical building, deserted morgue, the psychiatric ward and a crematorium. The guests have experienced cold touch, a smell of the medical liquid and an elevator who does mischievous activities. The rooms of seventh, ninth, eleventh and twelfth floors are haunted as per the paranormal investigators.