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The temporary staying place is a crucial part when you are marching to a destination. Whether it is a lavish hotel, ordinary guest house, comforting lodge or tranquil boat house; half of the good impression of that place depends on these stop overs. If you are planning a trip, take help from our guide lines to explore the best residing place of that destination.

Top 10 Haunted Hotels in America For A Spooky Feeling

There are many hotels in the United State of America, where some special guests don’t register their stay; precisely ‘overstay’. Some of them can roam anywhere of the hotels and some have th

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Top10 Best Underwater Resorts In The World

Exotic Underwater Resorts in the World Have you ever fantasize about sleeping with the fishes? Well, now you can give wings to your fantasy while staying in some of the astonishing underwate

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Best Homestays of Goa

Whether you are heading for an adventurous journey with friends or a relaxing holiday with family, comforting accommodation is part and parcel of the trip. If you are planning a trip to Goa,

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Top 5 Hostels for Backpackers in India

There is no greater source of excitement than travelling solo. You discover new places, meet new people, and above all, you get to know yourself better. Travelling to any destination in Indi

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Top 5 Safari Lodges in India

Taking the excitement of a wild safari to another level, India’s top resorts are setting up luxurious camps within the country’s treasured wilderness. Combining a rustic ambience with doses

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5 Best Tree House Resorts in India

The idea of staying in a tree house is always fascinating. The experience of living in a small cottage, surrounded by lush greenery filled with the chirping of countless birds, is a magical

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Top Five Heritage Hotels in Rajasthan

You might not be a royal king by birth, but you can feel like one while staying in the famous heritage hotels of Rajasthan. Known to be the royal residences of the erstwhile Maharajas, these

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Top Ten Luxury Spa Resorts in India

As perfect retreats for pleasure, luxury spa resorts allow you to let loose the troubles of an ever-engaged mind. A proof of which is the fact that many tourists are opting for this option i

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5 Luxury Camps That You Must Choose to Stay Once in Your Lifetime!

Did you always think that camping is about living on- a bottle of water, a sleeping bag, a packet of noodles, a kerosene lamp and a mosquito repellent? Well, not anymore! It’s time for all t

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