Popular Hill Stations of Northeast India

A perfect escape plan to elevated heights

Tucked in the extreme eastern part of India, Northeast is abundant with natural bliss. Whether it is scenic hills, cascading waterfalls, mesmerizing landscape or beautiful lakes; the seven sister states are replete with the bounty of nature. The hills of this region offer ideal escape from the daily humdrum of fast moving life to the lap of nature.

Let’s have a journey to these mesmerising hill stations of Northeast India.


Location – Northwest part of Arunachal Pradesh, approx. 500 Km drive away from Guwahati

Main Attraction of the place – Tawang Monastery

Placed on a high altitude, this quaint beautiful town is famous for the largest and four hundred year old Tawang Buddhist monastery of India. Bold blue sky, snow cloaked peaks, white fluffy clouds and charming view of hill and valley make Tawang a pristine place to visit. Bap Teng Kang and Nuranang falls are the additional attractions of the town.


Location – Gangtok, the capital city of Sikkim is at a road distance of 108 Km from Darjeeling and 112 Km from Siliguri.

Main Attraction of the place – View of Kanchenjunga peak

Treasured with snow clad peaks of Himalayas, Gangtok is known for its panoramic landscape. Being one of the major tourist spots of Northeast, this hill station has turned into a cosmopolitan town but the age old tradition and culture of the place is still intact. This beautiful town is home to several monasteries and also centre of Tibetan Buddhist culture and learning.


Location – At a driving distance of 122 Km away from Guwahati

Main Attraction of the place- Beautiful waterfalls and lakes.

Shillong, the capital city of Meghalaya is one of the most spectacular hill stations of Northeast India. Popular as the ‘Scotland of the East’, the scenic place is peppered with cascading waterfalls, rolling hills, beautiful lakes. The extra charms of the place are Shillong Peak (for stunning view of the surrounding), Golf Course (which is one of the largest golf courses of Asia), Botanical Garden and Cathedrals.


Location – At a road distance of 625 Km from Kolkata and around 67 Km from Siliguri

Main Attraction of the place – Tea Gardens and toy train

Blessed with fine climatic condition, Darjeeling is the seat of the tea industry of India. Gifted with rare natural beauty, tea gardens and thick forests of Sal and Oak, this hill station offers one of the most memorable holidays to the visitors. The place has also gained fame for its toy train, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Location – 70 Km from Darjeeling

Main Attraction of the place – Exotic Flora and scenic beauty

Shadowed in the fame of Darjeeling, Kalimpong is an idyllic hill station in the West Bengal state. Being one of the major flower exports, the place is perfect to behold exotic flora, orchids and vibrant flowers. With backdrop of Himalayan peaks, Kalimpong has many allurements like rafting in Teesta River and trekking in Neora National Park. The place offers a number of allurements to the tourists with streaming rivers, fruit plantation, rich cuisine and preserved cultural heritage,


Location – 52 Km from Siliguri

Main Attraction of the place – Sumendu Lake

A lesser known spot, Mirik is ideally located in the forested hills of eastern Himalaya. This hidden beauty is known for mesmerising views of Kanchenjunga, orange orchards, tea estates and cardamom plantation. Evergreen pine forests, wild flowers and captivating lakes offers a rejuvenating vacation to the travellers.


Location – Assam, 245 Km from Shillong and 310 Km from Guwahati

Main Attraction of the place – Halflong Lake

Also known as the white ant hillock, Halflong is one of the most alluring escapades for nature lovers, as the place is home to an amazing two lakhs of varieties of flowers. Lovely orchids, gushing rivers, exceptional species of birds, fruit plantation of pineapple and oranges are rare charismas bestowed to this spectacular hill station.


Location – Arunachal Pradesh, around 115 Km from Itanagar

Main Attraction of the place – Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary and rustic beauty of the place

One of the most picturesque and unexplored hill stations of Arunachal Pradesh, Ziro is a bio-diversity zone, possessed with rare and endangered species of flora and fauna. The place takes pride for silver fir trees, bamboo trees and beautiful orchids. The beauty of the Ziro valley also lies in its rice fields and fine-looking little villages of the Apatani tribes – inhabitants of the area. The 5,000 years old Meghna Cave temple and Tarin Fish Farm (popular for breeding high altitude fishes) are some unique attractions of the place.

The beauty of the hills has always drawn a number of tourists from a very long time. Whether it is escape from the heats of the plains or enchanting view of the natural backdrop, hill stations finds place in every traveller’s bucket list. Start visiting these hidden gems of Northeast and share your experience with us.