Hill Stations


Perched on a hill, basking in the mild sunlight of the morning sun, lush green forests cradled by snowy-veiled hilltops- all this and much more defines the famous hill stations. Make your way to these famous hill stations and feel the bliss that is our Mother Nature. Need Information? Of Course, we are here with our blogs and articles.

Best Places To Visit During Summer In India

A Cooler Escapade To The Hills While the summer has already knocked the door and the temperature is rising inch by inch in the due time, it’s time to plan the summer holidays. Laced with ple

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Best places to Experience Snowfall in India

The charm of hiding beneath a cosy quilt and sipping hot simmering tea in winters is beyond any comparison with other luxuries of life. But for the snow lovers, winter is time to roll in the

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Top 10 Hill Stations of South India

For any traveller, there is no better place than a hill station to enjoy the charm of nature. No wonder that Northern India harbours some of these most beautiful hilly regions that have ench

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Popular Hill Stations of Northeast India

Tucked in the extreme eastern part of India, Northeast is abundant with natural bliss. Whether it is scenic hills, cascading waterfalls, mesmerizing landscape or beautiful lakes; the seven s

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Spiti Valley – The Unexplored Paradise of India

The level of peace and serenity offered by mountainous landscapes in India is unmatchable. Nestling many hill stations, these mountains have always attracted travellers, giving them a break

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Top Five Unexplored Places in Uttarakhand

When time is a constraint and the mind has given up from sitting in front of a computer screen, it’s high time to plan a weekend getaway. Planning a short break from a life stuck in a corpor

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