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Toilet Themed Restaurant

Toilet Themed Restaurants Around The World


There is a cyclic connection between eating and toilet. However, can it be so strong that we start eating in toilet bowls? Weird, isn’t it? But, there are a handful of toilet-themed restaurants in the world that have been inspired from excrement and toilet accessories.

Let’s visit some of them.


1. Modern Toilet Restaurant – Taiwan

Modern Toilet Restaurant – Taiwan

The food in Modern Toilet Restaurant is served in toilet bowls, miniature tubs and sinks. What is more, the place has toilet-seat arrangement to sit. This eccentric place became so successful that its proud owner Eric Wang opened a chain of similar themed restaurants at 10 locations in Taiwan.


2. T-Bowl – Kuala Lumpur

T-Bowl – Kuala Lumpur

You order your food here and get it served tastefully in bath tubs and men’s cubicles utensils. Enjoy a fine dining experience while seated on toilet chairs and basin like tables.


3. Crazy Toilet Café – Moscow

Crazy Toilet Café – Moscow

Before eating in this restaurant make sure that you didn’t lose your appetite as not only the interiors are lavatory-like but food as well resembles like one. While you are here you can have your drinks in urinals shaped utensils.


4. Nature’s Toilet Café – Ahmedabad

Nature’s Toilet Café – Ahmedabad 1

Nature’s Toilet Café is first toilet themed restaurant in India which also has a toilet garden surrounding it. This strange café boasts of a collection of more than 20 urinals as well as lavatories dating back from 1950s!


5. Magic Restroom Café – Los Angeles

Magic Restroom Café – Los Angeles

It is the first toilet-themed eating place of Los Angeles. Not only the seating arrangements are focused on toilet but also the menu is tempting with names like ‘golden poop rice’, ‘smells-like-poop’. So, are you hungry?