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Snacks for Rainy Season

Ten Spicy Delights During Rainy Season


Crisp fried spicy snacks. Even the words are enough to make anyone’s mouth water. During a downpour what can be more hearty and comforting than a platter full of scrumptious snacks! Monsoon always follows with a variety of finger food to munch on which is often accompanied with hot tea making a perfect satisfying fodder for palate.

So let’s enjoy the rainy season with some of our die-hard Indian snacks.


1. Beguni


Essentially a Bengali snack, Beguni is slender pieces of eggplant fried in gram flour batter. This simple as well as crispy fried snack is absolute delight for a lethargic rainy day.


2. Masala Vadai

Masala Vadai

This popular South Indian snack is prepared from Bengal gram. Often consumed with Sambar Sadam or a hot cup of tea, this crispy fried snack remains easily available in any roadside shop in Tamil Nadu.


3. Keema Tikki

Keema Tikki

For a meat lover nothing can be more fulfilling than Keema Tikki. Rich in spices, this deep fried mutton cutlet is usually sold by the street vendors in Delhi, Lucknow etc.


4. Butter Fish Fry

Butter Fish Fry

Another Bengali recipe, Butter Fish Fry is simple to cook yet utterly butterly tasty. You have to just marinate some fish slices and fry it after dipping it in a batter.


5. Paneer Cutlet

Paneer Cultlet

Paneer is an extensively used ingredient in any cuisine of India, so how can it be left when we are preparing snacks for rainy day. This spicy, mouth-watering cottage cheese tikkis go best with hot & sour chutney. If you don’t want to consume extra calories, chomp this dish after shallow frying or even baking.


6. Hari Mirch Ke Pakode

Hari Mirch Ke Pakode

A crisp treat for chilly lovers! After stuffing the green chilies with potato, they are golden fried in a batter. Munching on this hot chewy snack while sipping a hot cup of tea will surely make anybody’s day.


7. Prawn Koliwada

Prawn Koliwada

When it comes to seafood, prawns constitute one of the most delicious as well as easy-to-prepare appetizers. Prawn Koliwada is a typical Indian coastal cuisine which is deep fried prawns after marinating it with a number of spices.


8. Hariali Samosa

Hariyali Samosa

Also known as Patti Samosa, Hariali Samosa is pure veggie delight with fillings of green peas, French beans and rice poha.


9. Chicken Pakoda

Chicken Pakoda

Chicken Pakoda! Perhaps the most comforting food for a chicken lover on a rainy day! Fused with flavors of mango powder every morsel of this crusty fried dish is heavenly delicious.


10. Pyaz Ke Pakode

Pyaz Pakoda

Pyaz ke Pakode is one of the most heartening foods for a cold rainy day. Thin sliced onions, dipped in gram flour batter are deep fried. Result is absolutely crispy treat for a foodie. Moreover, this snack can be easily found in any roadside shops at anywhere in the country.