Nawabi Zaika of Lucknow

Welcome to a Food Paradise

If you want to ride on one of the most memorable food trails, then Lucknow is the best place for you. Dotted with numberless eateries, restaurants and legendary eating places, the city offers plethora of scrumptious food items enough to satisfy the hungry foodie inside you.

The two phrases, Nawabi Tehzeeb and Nawabi Zaika of Lucknow best describe the city in a succinct manner. Its Mughal cuisines patronized by rich Nawabs are still preserved in the authentic and addictive foodstuffs offered by the city. For a non-vegetarian food lover the city opens a new door to the world of delicious Kebabs and rich aromatic Biryanis. Here, get ready and start the food hunt.

Hub of Kebabs

Entering to the enchanting realm of Kebabs, try Galawati Kebab of Lucknow. Prepared by marinating fine minced meat with a mixture of spices, the Kebab will melt in your mouth leaving a meaty taste on your taste buds. Tudnay kebab is another variety of kebab which is incredible for its use of hundred spices in its preparation. The dish got its interesting name, when many years ago a tunday (local word for handicapped) man prepared the unique Kebab for a Nawab. The mushy Shammi Kebab, Kakori Kebab and Boti Kebab are more palatable items enriching the Kebab list.

Call for Biryani Lovers

For Biryani lovers the place is perfect to enjoy a large platter of Awadhi Biryani. Cooked with a skilled culinary art – Dum style, you can feel the alluring aroma in every morsel.

Creamy Kormas

Food hunt is not over in Lucknow without tasting the huge variety of Kormas and Salans. The city takes pride for its rich and savoury Kormas which are worth tasting for its fine blend of spices and dry fruits. Nihari – slow cooked lumps of soft, succulent lamb meat in spicy gravy is an awesome dish for breakfast and a great delight for meat lovers.

Flaky Breads

The Rotis and Paranthas that go with these curries are unique in their Lucknowi flavour. Never leave the city without trying soft and sweet tandoori-Sheermals, awesome-Kulchhas, extra thin- Roomali rotis and peel like – Ulte tawe ka parantha with your favourite curry or Korma.

Crispy Basket of Chaat

Lucknow is renowned all over the country for its Chaat. The basket Chaat which sells like hot cakes in all the major eateries of Lucknow is the best evening snack in the city.

Delicious Dessert

To end the Nawabi plate there is awesome Malai-ki-Gilori. This soft, sweet and melting dessert will impress you with its ambrosial taste. For a taste bud teasing flavour, try Kulfi Falooda for which Nawabs of Lucknow were once fond of. After having all the flavours of city of Nawabs, one should not miss Lucknowi Paan. It should not be mistaken for an ordinary Paan as, for a paan lover it would be a real treat.

All the hearty foods of Lucknow may satisfy your hunger but it will never satiate your taste buds, leaving you wanting it all the more.