Daring Food Delicacies for a Foodie

Are you gutsy?

The following list of foods is dedicated to all the non-vegetarians, who are often found proudly saying that ‘I eat everything’. These most bizarre foods of India will surely make you eat your words. And for the hard core vegetarians, we warn you that the following mentioned food-items can kill your appetite.

Eri Polu

From the name you can’t even imagine that the main ingredient of this Assamese dish is silkworm pupae. Ewe! But yes, the famous Eri Polu is prepared first by boiling the pupae in water and then deep frying it. It is made spicy by garlic, chilli and ginger. The traditional dish is garnished with ant eggs – an additional flavour. This snack, munched with great delight is often served with drinks.

Dog Meat

This dish is not meant to be served to the dogs as you may be thinking. Instead, this is the meat of dog relished by people of many regions of Nagaland and Mizoram. The dog meat is prepared in a variety of ways from fried to curries and is savoured as a delicacy. The popularity of this meat can be evidenced from the fact that here,dog meat is costlier than other meats.

Lamb’s Brain

Even the idea of eating lamb’s brain can make your bheja fry. But this fare which is basically lamb’s brain fried with a number of spices is a lip-smacking food for many people of Hyderabad and Lucknow.

Baby Shark Curry

This food item carrying an intriguing name is prepared from baby sharks. Popular in Goa and many parts of Kerala, this food is prepared in a variety of ways. Locally known as ‘mori’, the dish finds place in menu of almost all the Goa’s restaurant. Ambo Tik or Pilo Ambotik is a popular local recipe of baby shark in Goa.

Amloi Parua

This endangered Assamese cuisine is cooked by frying ant eggs and their larvae. This foodstuff which can make you spit out the morsel from your mouth is considered a delectable in Assam. This course is prepared from a special type of ant found on the tree tops during Bhihu festival.

Frog Legs

One of the well-known delicacies of French and Chinese cuisine, frog legs are consumed in many parts of India also. From grilled to deep fried, this exotic food is a matter of extreme delight for the tribes of lower Assam and Lepchas community of Sikkim. Usually bullfrog being the main ingredient of this rare dish is known to be gluttonised in many parts of Kerala and Goa.


It is incredible to discern that the intake of meat can cover even the snails in its list. But if you happen to be in Northeast part of India, be prepared to chow this luscious slow moving animal. The preparation of the mollusc is distinct and unique varying with the different tribes of Nagaland, Manipur and Tripura. From very old times many species of land and fresh water snails have been an important source of protein in rural parts of India.

Red Ant Chutney

After listening to the name of the Red Ant Chutney, you must be wondering that where on the hell of this earth this recipe is prepared and consumed. So, we are telling you that this popular delicacy known as Chaprah comes from Chhattisgarh. Mainly eaten by tribal community of this state, this chutney is known for its fiery and extreme savoury taste. This dip is also used in garnishing the other dishes to get a spicier flavour.

Sa-um Bur

Sa-um Bur is fermented pig fat, prepared by the people of Mizoram. The preparation process is done by collecting pig fats from the pig’s abdomen and then it is chopped and placed in Sa-um Bur – a special holder made from the dried bottle guard. The Sa-um Bur is then kept over the fire place for some days. The fermented fat is used as an ingredient for other Mizo-dishes.


This unique food hails from Gahrwal of Uttarakhand. The preparation of this dish will surely give you a vomiting sensation when you will see blood, intestine and liver of the goat being used as the main portion of this food. All these are mixed and curried with spices.

Doh Khleih

Doh Khleih is basically a salad dish of Meghalaya. It is prepared with largely pork and onion. The bizarre thing is that this dish is garnished with steamed pig brains. This is another pork delicacy of Northeast India for which the people of Meghalaya are fond of.


This Goan food item is chiefly made of fish. Nothing extra-ordinary sounds in a fish based meal. But this dried fish mixed with distilled ashes and vegetables is the foulest smelling fish you will ever find on this earth.

After going through these weird food items, your perception of Indian Food must have changed. One cannot even think that the irresistible Indian Food which is known for its creamy curries and spices can deviate in such an outlandish way. Huge delights for the meat lovers as you have now a long list of new food items to add to your platter.

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