10 Exclusive Places For Mango Tourism

Must-Go Destinations For Every Mango Lovers of India

Summer and mango; these are the two inseparable phrases which complement each other. As soon as the mercury rises in India, the fruit market is flooded with the king of fruit. The mango madness makes frenzy all over the country. There are more than 1,000 varieties of mangoes produced in India in the states of UP, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Goa, Gujarat, Odisha, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

From dessert to curry, from raw to ripe, from pickle to chutney; mango manages to impress us in every form. And the cultivators are taking full advantages of this mango mania of the sub-continent and invest in mango tourism. It is a great way to woo the traveler as well as mango lovers to divulge the secret of the king of fruits and have some yummy experience. Here is the list of top 10 destinations which any mango lover should not miss. Beat the heat of the summer, skip your daily hustle bustle, breath under the shadow of trees and enjoy the taste of garden fresh royal fruit in those orchards.

1. Ganesh Agro Tourism, Ratnagiri, Maharashtra



This 30 acre extended organic farm is the home of 2000 Alphonso mango trees. This farmhouse also offers picturesque view especially the sunset. You can have a first-hand experience on the ripe story of the mango and can sample them in the mango safari of the farm. There is also a canning factory within the territory operated by the wife of the owner where you can buy different products of mangos like the pickle, pulp etc.

2. Dwarka Farmstay, Talawade, Maharashtra

This is considered one of the best farmsteads of India. This 15-acre organic orchard is located at Sindhudurg district. There are more than 200 Alphanso mango trees along with pineapple, coconuts, cashews, banana fields. And the dairy is an added advantage. You can take a leisurely trail to the nearby pottery village, bamboo and mat weaving workshop.

3. Mango Tourism, Malda, West Bengal

To taste the world famous mangos of Malda, you have to visit here. Along with the experience of mango orchard, you can enjoy many other amenities like film shooting, Bengali foods, bird watching, fishing, river boating, handicraft shop and many more. You can visit many heritage places like Ramkeli, Dakhil Darwaja, Adina, Firoz Minar etc.

4. Kailash Farm, Hoshiarpur, Punjab


If you love both mango and hills in this summer, then this is the best place for you. You can enjoy the beauty of Shivalik range from your cottage surrounded by mango trees. You can experience trail walk, bicycle ride, tractor ride and fruit picking amidst the beautiful location of the farm.

5. Oceano Pearl, Ganeshgule, Maharashtra

It is a boutique style homestay on the backdrop of the virgin beach of Ganeshgule. The place is located at 20 kilometers south of Maharashtra’s mango capital Ratnagiri. You can enjoy the fresh Alphonso mangoes along with variant mango dishes with every meal. You can also experience mango picking with locals from the orchard.

6. Chiguru Farm, Bangalore, Karnataka

This 25-acre organic farm stay is located at the fringes of Bilikal Forest of South Bannerghatta National Park. The property is famous for its variety of frees especially the Badami mango. You can take full advantages of the harvesting season from April to June and enjoy the local cuisine of Karnataka.

7. Varenyam Farm, Vapi, Gujarat

This 75 years old farm is located at the border of Maharashtra. Every year almost 100,000 Alphonso mangoes have been produced in this farm. You can pick up your own mangoes during your farm tour displaying the way of harvesting and packaging.

8. O’Nest Homestay, Devrukh, Maharashtra

This homestay is nested on the top of the hill in Maharashtra near the National Highway 17. The natural beauty of the place is impeccable. Tree houses are the main attraction of the place apart from the tasty mangoes. You can enjoy your stay by doing activities like fishing, pottery making, bird watching, farm visiting, taking the bullock rides and trekking.

9. Baghaan Orchard Retreat, Garmukteshwar, Uttar Pradesh

If you want tranquillity amidst nature without wasting much time in travel, Baghaan Orchard Retreat is your perfect destination. There are 25 cottages for guests within the mango orchard. You can reach there within 2 hours from Delhi. You can take a boat ride in the Ganges to spot the dolphins, along with bird watching experience.

10. Sankalp Farms, Lonavala, Maharashtra

If you want a quick gateway from the busy schedule of your Mumbai diaries, you can consider Sankalp Farms. Situated at the foothills of the Western Ghat Mountains, there are almost 10,000 mango trees with different varieties. You can taste exotic mangoes like Alphonso, Kesar, Vanraaj, Mallika, Amrapali, Sindhu and many more.