The Monsoon Festival – 2016

Celebrate The Magical Beauty Of Rain


When – August 4-14, 2016

Where – Delhi

About the festival

Monsoon Festival

This year Red Earth’s The Monsoon Festival will enter into its eleventh installment. A well-celebrated festival in Delhi, the fest revels in the beauty of Indian monsoon. Involving visual art, workshops, markets, fashion, walks and theater, this unique monsoon festival aims to revive the elapsing tradition and cultural practices.


This Year’s attraction of the fest

Pichvai Art

A special sari and apparel design mela and exhibition of Pichvai Art will be the key attractions of this year’s The Monsoon Festival.



Dance Show

Monsoon carries fertility with itself and that’s why it is regarded the king season in India. But this romantic season is not just limited to crops. It gets manifested in our years-old tradition & culture and can be easily seen in art, music and folklore. The Monsoon Festival celebrates all colors of rainy season. With contemporary art, this one of the most enjoyable festivals of monsoon seasons tries to picture that how the human life is connected to monsoon.

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