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4 Best Ways to Explore Nagaland’s Hornbill Festival

It’s the month of December, and now it is time for Nagaland to don its festive veil and celebrate the Hornbill Festival. Fondly known as the festival of festivals, it is an ensemble of the 16 agrarian Naga tribes who celebrate their agricultural harvest. Spread over 10 days, the Hornbill festival provides a sneak peek into the diverse tribal traditions, dance, music, handicrafts and local food of Nagaland. With swarms of attendees from all over the country, the festivities during this occasion let each one of them view Nagaland at a single glance.

With a medley of exhibitions, music concerts, competitions and cultural performances, the Hornbill Festival celebrates Naga culture in full swing.

Top Things to Do at the Hornbill Festival

Capture Some Beautiful Sights

While giving a colourful scenario for the photographer inside you, the sight of the Hornbill festival is just a feast for your eyes. People belonging to different tribes are donned in their traditional attires and that is just beauty in its real form. Folk songs, dances and narratives- all this and much more make it an unforgettable sojourn. Look for the warrior’s show- a special performance by the Naga people that will make you appalled and excited at the same time.

Explore the Morungs

Morungs are the representative huts build by the tribesmen and they form perfect replicas of the original huts which these people inhabit. An attempt to exactly picture the lifestyle of these tribal communities, the Morung is one of the best attractions of the festival. Take a guided tour and do remember to try some local delicacies prepared in some of the live kitchens. Some exotic dishes have snails, frogs, and dog meat and bamboo fungus as main ingredients. For those who are appalled, there are some vegetarian dishes also on offer. To complement this, one must not forget to take sips of freshly brewed rice beer.

Shop Some Beautiful Bamboo Artefacts

If you are at the Hornbill festival, then you must not be foolish enough not to take home some bamboo carvings that are in themselves some incomparable masterpieces. From bamboo mugs to bamboo bowls, from bamboo mats to bamboo showpieces- Find it all in the unique bamboo pavilion. Come here and don’t forget to lay your hands on some traditional fabrics carrying typical Naga weaves and beadwork. If interested in doing something brave, lay your hands on a jar of pickle prepared from King Chilli of Nagaland. Take home with you a part of this beautiful state in the form of home grown souvenirs

Try your Talent by Participating in various Competitions

Well here your talent is synonymous with your bravery. Try your adventurous streak in the famous Naga Chilly Eating Competition, where participants are asked to eat as much chillies as they can in 10 seconds. Those who think that’s not a big deal, well for their information the chilli here means the famous Bhut Jholokia Naga Chilly (considered to be one of the hottest chilli in the world). Get your musical spirits rolled up while enjoying Hornbill Rock contests where rock bands from across the country and the state of Nagaland give their best to bag the winning trophy.

A festival that spreads joys and nothing else that infuses sheer enthusiasm in every being, the Hornbill festival is an extravaganza that forms the heartbeat of Nagaland. So, here is your chance to be a part of one of the most vibrant spectacles of Nagaland that adds some more spice to the recipe of Indian diversity.