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Top 6 Best Flower Shows in India

Gautam Buddha has rightly said that ‘if we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly our whole life would change.” Presenting such miracles in exceptional forms, some of the best flower shows in India take the floral charm of nature to the next level. These shows are not just famous for their astonishing floret displays, but also they attest the unmatchable floral diversity that India possesses. Designed with great creativity and imagination in different patterns , these lovely blooms in each of these top 6 best flower shows India, offer every visitor a visual treat.

So, while you are present in the below mentioned cities, don’t miss these flower shows if nature appeals you with its unusual flowery magic!

The Lalbagh Flower Show- Bangalore

Jointly organized by the Indian department of Horticulture and Mysore Horticulture Society on January 26 and August 15 respectively, the show is a unique platform that brings out the beauty of over 200 varieties of flowers finding their base in more than 20,000 decorative pots. Happening twice a year in the Lalbagh Botanical garden, the show is full of attractive displays of flowers where floral replicas are created related to a particular theme. Attracting fun-loving people of Bangalore, the show stands out on the way of creativity and imagination.

Dendrobium Noble- Sikkim

Sikkim is a state that is naturally-rich with diverse variety of flora and fauna. With an idea to boost floriculture in the state, the government has been hosting many flower shows where the state flower Dendrobium Noble is on display for visitors in unique patterns. The state also organises orchid shows on a regular basis to feature the beauty of orchids abundant in this region. Apart from this, approximately 500 varieties of flowers are also showcased leaving visitors certainly impressed.

The Chrysanthemums Show- Chandigarh

Organised in December, the Chrysanthemum Show in Chandigarh has been attracting crowds since a decade. Countless varieties of Chrysanthemums are on creative displays forming an amazing spectacle for the visitors. Various competitions like gardening, and flower presentations are conducted attracting participants from all over the country. When in Chandigarh, make sure to make your way to this famous flower show to get a scented and beautiful break from the humdrum of a busy life.

Rose Flower Show- Pune

Showcasing the divine beauty of flowers in various forms, an annual flower show is organised at the Empress Botanical garden in Pune, by the name ‘Buds and Blooms.’ Held in January every year, it astounds many visitors with uniquely designed flower arrangements. Various competitions are also held in addition to workshops on gardening. If interested, one can also get an expert advice regarding various ways of floriculture.

The Annual Flower Show- Ooty

Forming a spectacular view of flowery presentations, the annual flower show at Ooty gives a panoramic view of various colours and heart-melting fragrances. Almost 15,000 potted flowering plants are exhibited and the show also hosts many competitions including flower Rangolis, bonsai and so on. The event usually happens in May and is visited by many people from all over the country.

The Flower Show- Meghalaya

A celebrated event as a part of the annual festival of Meghalaya, the autumn flower show is organised during the months of October and November in Shillong. The floral diversity of the region reaches another level of exquisiteness as many flowers native to this region are on some amazing displays. Be there and enjoy the floral magnetism of Meghalyan natural treasures.

So, if flowers act as a therapy to your senses, make sure you attend these flower shows for a fulfilling experience.