Some Unusual Rituals of India

This is why India is called Incredible!

India is a diverse land which pulsates with poles apart cultures and traditions. Despite of a fast-growing economy, this varicoloured country is home to many out of the ordinary rituals and customs.

The weirdness of these unusual rituals has made us single out some of these for you, which will surely make you raise your eyebrows.

Trampling by Cows

Cow is highly revered in Indian culture. But it is considered so holy in Ujjain that people here get trampled by cows in order to bring prosperity in village. This bizarre ritual is being practised by the local folks of Bhaidwad village from many centuries. The rare event which is witnessed by a large number of people takes place on the auspicious day of Ekadashi (a day after Diwali). The esteemed cattle, decorated with colours and henna are made to run on the streets and men lay on their way to get literally trampled. Locals claim that no man has ever got hurt during this ritual of trampling.

Frog Wedding in Maharashtra

If you think that the commencement of Monsoon is entirely an affair of weather, then you might be wrong in Maharashtra. Here, rain depends on how pleased the Rain Gods are. And to please them villagers can take help of even strange rituals like marriage of frogs. Yes, here frog wedding is celebrated nonetheless than the marriage ceremony of a human couple. With proper rituals and traditional hymns frogs are tied in the eternal knot. This whole procedure is believed to bring monsoon to the village.

Smashing Coconuts during Aadi Festival

You must have seen the common ritual of smashing coconuts in temples. But have you ever heard of the ritual of breaking coconut on the human head for the sake of good luck and health. Yes, whether you call it tradition or superstition, this bizarre and even risky ritual is done during the Aadi festival in Tamil Nadu. This unusual event takes place on the 18th day of the Tamil month of Aadi when thousands of devotees throng to the Mahalakshmi Temple, in the Karur District and enthusiastically let the priest to break coconuts on their heads. We don’t know that this is the key of good luck or not but hats off to the guts of these devotees.

Marrying Animals

In many rural parts of India, marrying a dog can help you ward off your bad luck! Many tribes in India firmly believe that if a girl/boy is born with a deformation/or evil luck then marrying a dog can help him/her to pull out of it. Sometimes when a child is born with a tooth or s/he has Mangal dosh, this ritual is capable enough to repel the bad omens.

Walking on Fire – Theemithi Festival in Tamil Nadu

In the Theemithi Festival of Tamil Nadu, Draupadi’s act of walking over fire is honoured by doing the same. This so-called purifying act is done by slowly walking on the fire or glowing charcoals. This whole daring ritual is believed to make the wish of the devotees true.

Baby Tossing for Good Luck

To attain good luck people can do what not, even baby tossing. This awful ritual is practiced in Baba Umer Daragah, near Sholapur in Maharashtra where in the month of December hundreds of babies are tossed from the temple roof to the crowd standing underneath. This weird tradition is believed to bring blessing to married couples and good fortune to family.

Jallikattu in Tamil Nadu

Not limited to Spain, the custom of bull fighting persists in India also. In many villages of the state the dangerous tradition is a part of Pongal celebration. In this act of bull chasing scores of unarmed men try to get hold of the hump of deliberately infuriated bull and earn a prize. This unusual sport which took hundreds of lives over decades was banned by Supreme Court in 2014.

Made Snana of Karnataka

If you want to get rid of any skin disease or wrong deeds then visit the special temples of Karnataka. It will free you of all such things. The only act you will have to do is to roll over the left-over foods. This queer ritual which is hundreds of years old is practised in specific temples of Karnataka by the lower castes under Brahmin.

Celebrating Puberty

It may seem odd to some people to socially celebrate the arrival of puberty but in many states of India it is done with enough pomp and show. In this intriguing tradition the commencing of puberty of a girl is celebrated nonetheless than a marriage. The event is attended by all relatives of the girl where she is dressed like a bride and showered with gifts and blessings. This ceremony is other way of announcing that the girl is ready to get married.

To Bury the Children up to the Neck

This is an outlandish way of curing disability in Gulbarga of Karnataka. Here, children suffering with any physical disability are buried up in the ground to the neck some minutes before solar eclipse. The children are given this burial treatment till the eclipse lasts. This unique therapy is believed to cure all the disabilities.

By going through this list of astonishing rituals we come to know that how some believes are so firm that it crosses the boundary of normality and becomes eccentric. But people are so blindfolded by the authenticity of these odd rituals that sometimes they don’t even care for their lives in the names of these customs.