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 One of the best things to discover at an unknown land is its culture. From dance and music, to art and food- we have it all! So, let’s take a walk along to decode the richness of a particular culture while having a look at our write-ups, blogs and articles.

Top 5 Spring Festivals in India

For most of us, the spring season brings back colour and life to nature marking the end of dull and decaying months of winter. The liveliness of spring in itself is the reason to celebrate a

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Top Seven Cultural Destinations of India

India is a melting pot of cultures where every city resonates with a set of traditions. Each city has its own natural treasures, spiritual wonders, colourful festivals and unique architectur

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5 Indian Tribes and their Fascinating Tribal Customs

India is a melange of diverse cultures which combines visions of modernity with age-old traditions. Each of its 29 states and 7 union territories has a distinct culture that governs the life

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Some Unusual Rituals of India

India is a diverse land which pulsates with poles apart cultures and traditions. Despite of a fast-growing economy, this varicoloured country is home to many out of the ordinary rituals and

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Top Local Liquors of India that will Surely Shake Your Sense

Alcohol and its inebriated effect have existed across all the cultures of the world. From historical times different societies have developed their own way of processing beverages. However t

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Chikankari – Preserving the Traditional Art

The genuine delicate embroidery work on your apparel, which can make anybody envious of you, turning you more ethnic and Indian, giving you unrivalled traditional look, showing the hallmark

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