A Visit to Agra

From immemorial time, the beauty and grandeur of Taj-Mahal has invited millions of travellers to Agra from all across the world. Although, the city is home to many other historical and majestic monuments, they get shadowed under the huge clouds of fame of the centrepiece attraction – Taj-Mahal. It was my long time wish to visit Agra and witness the fine specimens of Mughal architecture. I got this wonderful chance two months ago, during winter…

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A Visit to Rishikesh

A life- Changing Experience! The thought of visiting a different place has always been very exciting and enthralling for me. Being a travel buff, exploring a different alien land has always been on the top of my fantasy list. When people in my office decided to take us all on a weekend trip to Rishikesh, it was absolutely my wish come true. When all of us got to know, that what all we are going…

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