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A Visit to Rishikesh

A life- Changing Experience!

The thought of visiting a different place has always been very exciting and enthralling for me. Being a travel buff, exploring a different alien land has always been on the top of my fantasy list. When people in my office decided to take us all on a weekend trip to Rishikesh, it was absolutely my wish come true. When all of us got to know, that what all we are going to do includes camping on the riverside, river-rafting and cliff jumping, the adventure enthusiast in me got rolled up with glee.

So, without any minute lost, we all packed our bags and set out on a journey that was not just memorable but life changing in a way.

Delhi to Rishikesh

Since, it was a sudden and a short trip at the same time; we left for Rishikesh at 5 am in the morning. The 8 hours bus journey from Noida to Rishikesh was exciting and blissful at the same time as everyone seemed enthusiastic and happy while getting a short break from the corporate rat race.

Day 1: Camping

With extreme excitement on board, and while relishing delicious burgers from McDonalds on the way, we reached our camps in Rishikesh at 2 pm in the afternoon. After lunch, all of us had a good time sitting beside the river relishing the picturesque spots of the mountains cradling lush greenery. Post a water volleyball game, we headed back to our camps and enjoyed bonfire in the evening.

Day 2: River Rafting

Today was the day of adventure and the day of some revelations. After having breakfast, all of us geared up our spirits of adventure to try out an exciting river-rafting journey to fight out the strong rapids of the mighty river Ganga. We headed out to Shivpuri, where the rafting begins.

For some of us, it was a life changing experience. With adrenaline gushing and a heart filled with lots of excitement, we paddled our way through the strong and white rapids of Ganga. In an enthralled state of mind, we crossed two rapids and the feeling of triumph in each one of us was immense.

The excitement inadvertently turned into fits of fear, when we approached the third rapid. From a bit far, it appeared to be the most exciting one. However, eventually it turned out to be the scariest for all of us. When we reached there, all of sudden, our boat got toppled over and each one of us fell in the embrace of the mighty river Ganga.

After having explored the depths of chilly waters of the river, thanks to our life jacket we emerged out of the water strayed in various locations. I struggled my way to find the boat but was again washed away while confronting another rapid coming my way. As I swam to reach some kind of respite from the chilly waters of the river, with some miracle, I saw a boat approaching to rescue me. When I grabbed the rope thrown by one of the boat members, I felt life giving me a second chance.

That is when, I realised what exactly is the importance of life and it is life that is above all materiality. One must thank God for giving us a life and should waste it away in doing nothing and worrying all the time. A life changing experience, the moment and above all the struggle was unforgettable.

After having delicious noodles from the Maggi Point, we curbed both our hunger and our fears. We moved ahead with renewed enthusiasm and completed our rafting journey with smiles of triumph on our faces!

Rishikesh to Delhi

After the adventurous journey, we came back having memories for a lifetime; something that all of us will never forget.
Life began again on the next day and these memories were something that will always be cherished forever.