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10 Offbeat Beaches in Odisha that forms Perfect Retreats for Peace

What nature has created in the form of beaches is something that astounds every nature lover. A visual treat, these beaches have everything that appall every traveler- a picture-perfect sun, azure sea waves kissing the shores, and sandy coastlines. Offering all these elements, India has many beach destinations that are well-known for a perfect beach holiday that they offer to travelers. Among these, although Goa ranks on top, there are other locations, like Odisha, that harbors some mesmerizing beach locations for its visitors. Right from calmness to mystery, these offbeat beaches in Odisha has every ingredient for the perfect recipe of a beach holiday.

So, let us be on board to discover the best 10 offbeat beaches in Odisha, because these are the ones that you won’t want to see just once.

Rushikulya Beach

A beach lover’s paradise, Rushikulya beach is famous for offering some marvelous views of the seas amidst a serene environment. Giving your perception a horizon that takes you on another level of peace, this beach has many things to satisfy your love for nature.

Astarang Beach

A picture-perfect sunset is what your sights can behold at Astarang beach. Aptly named, ‘Astarang’ translates into ‘colorful sunsets,’ and that’s exactly what this beach is known for. Its exceptional dusk experience offers every photographer, be it amateur or professional, a beautiful view to capture through his/her lens. An extraordinary experience for every nature lover, Astarang Beach is an ideal place to have little chats with your loved ones over cups of coffee.

Chandipur Beach

An exotic beach escape for all those who visit Odisha, Chandipur Beach appalls all the beach lovers with a sense of mystery. It is interesting to note that one can literally walk in to this beach as the sea water retreats almost 5-6 kilometers away in the course of the ebb tide. Live these moments of sheer curiosity while you relish the sight of the mesmerizing landscape of the Chandipur Beach.

Ramchandi Beach

Located at the spot where the Kushabhadra River merges with the Bay of Bengal, Ramachandi beach is a one stop search for peace amidst natural beauty. A short escape from a life stuck in a hamster wheel, this beach has everything to give you a peaceful holiday.

Bhitarkanika Beach

Bhitarkanika beach is an oasis of natural treasures where every visitor is treated with the serenity of a calm sea surrounded with lush green trails. An offbeat beach escape, this is where you will be compelled to think that what nature has created is not just a beach but a piece of art. Go and experience it yourself!

Gopalpur Beach

As one of less-visited beach in India, Gopalpur Beach attracts every visitor with its untouched charm. It is also famous for both sailing and surfing giving every traveler a perfect place to hang out with family and friends. Come and visit this offbeat beach escape to enjoy the untapped beauty of nature that is equally mesmerizing and wonderful.

Paradeep Beach

This beach is nothing but spellbinding for every visitor as it offers a serene landscape to behold. The feeling is unmatchable when its azure waters soothe your eyes, its glittering sands touch your feet or its sun rays caress your face. All this and much more await you at this mesmerizing beach visiting which will give unforgettable moments for you to cherish.

Belespur Beach

Step on to this hypnotic beach in Odisha to spend quality time with your family and friends out of that busy schedule. Also, if you are looking for some ‘me-time,’ this place equips you with everything to relax your mind, body and soul.

Puri Beach

A confluence of divinity and natural marvels makes Puri Beach an exotic landscape. Its location beside the famous Jagannath temples turns this beach escape holy and beautiful at the same time. It’s a scared venue where the famous Beach festival is organised every year in the month of November.

Balighai Beach

A perfect sunrise and sunset experience is what is offered at this majestic beach. It’s splendid seashore that attracts local and foreigners alike. Its natural beauty makes it one beach in Odisha which you won’t want to see just once and you will be back here to absorb its peace again and again.