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If scenic sea shores, action-filled water sports and a soothing sun bath excite you to the core, then you are at the right place. Browse through our blogs and write-ups featuring some ideas on a beach holiday, and let’s move on a peaceful and alluring escapade!

Tucked Away Beaches of Kerala

Ask for any colour of nature and you will not be disappointed in Kerala, whether it is pristine backwaters, deep blue sky, coconut groves, rolling mountains, spice plantation or beautiful be

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10 Offbeat Beaches in Odisha that forms Perfect Retreats for Peace

What nature has created in the form of beaches is something that astounds every nature lover. A visual treat, these beaches have everything that appall every traveler- a picture-perfect sun,

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Gokarna: the Ultimate Destination for a Perfect Beach Holiday

Hanging on to the western coastline of Karnataka, the small town of Gokarna is an idyllic paradise for all the beach lovers. Popular as the less-commercialised version of Goa, Gokarna is an

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Top Five Beaches of Goa, You Must Visit

Fresh air gusting your face, sea waves splashing the sandy seashore, green palms ruffling with the air, your feet smeared with sand, bold blue sky stretching over your head – this is what th

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