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Plan Your Cycle Tour In Bali

Undoubtedly, Bali is an astounding location to explore. Especially for the young couples and friends with the heart of a rover & adventurer, a trip in a cycle can be a cherishing memory. If you belong to the same place then it doesn’t make a big difference but for the people who came to enjoy their holiday in may need a few tips on what you should do and what you should avoid. To help you with this, today we are here with the tips and steps you should know if you plan a cycle trip in Bali.

Two wheels in Bali

The two wheels trip offers a spectacular adventure of cycling away in Bali. The much clean and floating flat roads surrounded by the green scenes will leave you stunned with the exquisiteness it has.


The basics of traveling to any place must be clear in one’s mind. The world is full of beautiful places to travel, along with the fact there are a whole lot of vendors and guides. For a far-fetched and stress less trip, before starting, access a guide to help you out with reasonable rates and route maps. If you wish and it suits you, you can join the travelling/ tour package that involves a group of people travelling together.

Where to go

Bali has numerous grandeur views to offer. Nonetheless, there are some selected destinations which top the suggestion list by the travellers. Here is the list of the stunning & diverse beauty of Bali you can explore on two wheels.

  • Mount Batur and Kintamani Highlands

It is one of the most striking views anybody could ever imagine to relish in their life. The Mount Batur and Kintamani Highlands offer an exquisite amalgamation of greenery and volcano all together. It is majorly popular for the 13 square kilometres Batur Caldera Lake which is surrounded by the Mount Batur. Cycling with an amigo or with paramour will give a remarkable sight for a life time.

  • Ubud

Ubud is hugely famous for the rice terrace landscape and green splendour offered by it. The main highlight of this place is the small-town highland. It can be smart getaway on cycle to explore Ubud. It bids numerous museums and heritage places.

  • Jatiluwih Rice Terrace

The place is enormously popular due to the greenery it has. Nevertheless, this place is much more apart from just the rice terrace. While you are on a cycle trip you must explore the Jatiluwih Rice Terrace to look under the hook of the cultural magnificence.

  • Putung Village

It is a perfect spot for the people who are in love with the genre of valleys, tropical trees and greenery. Putung has the meaning “disconnected” and so is this place. People in search of peace and nature will definitely find this place next to heaven. Also, it offers a clean and safe route which is a positive addition.

  • Sidemen Village

A green nugget of Bali which every traveller must visit once, it is a perfect place to delight in peace and foliage.  If you will connect with any trip advisor for Bali the Sidemen Village will top the list of prior places to visit when you are planning a cycling trip.

  • Candidasa and Taman Ujung water palace

On a common basis, the hotels offer bicycle on rent to the guest to explore the areas nearby. The complimenting tip to the visitors is the floating flat roads to the palace. It is a must visit to have an amazing time. Accompanied by guides or the self-read maps, this trip is a must.

  • Sanur Beach

Last yet not the least important; Sanur beach is one of the most pleasurable places. The beach makes the walk or the cycling much more relishing. Choose a good bike in your budget and start the most memorable two wheels trip.

Why you’ll love this

  • While you are on a cycling trip you have the scope to settle for whatsoever place you wish to spend the time.
  • On the trip, you get a chance to travel all the way through the heart of the Island.
  • You eventually explore the least known yet one of the most pleasurable places like temples, museums etc.
  • You can search and stop for the original Balinese cuisines.
  • You get a chance to retreat the soul of an explorer inside you.