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5 Best Adventure Destinations for 2016

Its New Year again and travel buffs have already started making plans to explore new places. Calendars are open and long weekends are highly on demand. So, why not be different and spend those precious holidays trying some most thrilling adventures. India, with its diverse topography, has a whole bunch of such adventure joints kicking your adventurous streaks. Hence, if battling the white water rapids or trekking on a frozen river, give you occasional adrenaline shots, visit these places and let your New Year be full of thrill and excitement.

Go for River Rafting and Bunjee Jumping in Shivpuri, Uttarakhand

A latest addition in the panorama of adventure escapades offered by Indian tourism is Shivpuri in Uttarakhand. Since many years, Shivpuri was a calm landscape having white sandy river banks and rocky riversides straggling peacefully by the Ganges. It turned into an adventure escapade when few brave hearts explored the excitement of riding the rapids of River Ganges, and the rest got all forgotten. Add to the rafting experience the adjoining forest areas and group of hiking trails and Shivpuri is the destination that gives you an ultimate fun experience.

If the thrill of white waters is not enough, test your guts with Bunjee Jumping. An ultimate adventure, Bunjee Jumping will make you recall your former sins as you plummet towards the fast-flowing river Ganga. Add the excitement of Giant Swing and Flying Fox and you have an adventure that you will never forget.

Mudumulai Forest Safari

Hop on to the Mudumulai Forest Safari and grab the once in a lifetime chance of spotting the striped Royal Bengal Tiger. Approximately 50 tigers call this park as home, which gives Mudumulai maximum tiger density anywhere in India. But similar to any other natural reserve, one has to be lucky enough in order to get a glimpse of the King of the Jungle. If that doesn’t happens, rest assured as you can spot deers, peacocks, wild boar and huge Malabar squirrels. Not only this, if fate gets on your side, you can catch a sight of wild elephants and the Indian bison.

Scuba Diving in Goa

For holiday-lovers, Goa is an ideal destination. Add scuba diving to your travel checklist in Goa and needless to say, you are in for a fun-filled vacation. Goa is replete with many marine reserves when it comes to scuba diving and the apt riptides in the sea make it a perfect place for beginners. Famous scuba diving sites in Goa include:

Suzy’s Wreck

Experience the delight that is scuba diving while plummeting into the deep sea waters of Suzy Wreck. It contains the remnants of a ship dating to the Second World War which is as splendid as the abundant marine life which contains batfish, angelfish, barracudas and parrot fish.

Turbo Tunnel

It is an underwater rock with the sea flowing softly through it, forming a swift current. The pleasure of diving through the sea rapids makes it perfect for beginners and experienced alike.

Shelter Cove

An ideal point for beginners, diving through shelter Cove will give you a chance to spot hard corals, lobsters and fisher. If luck gets a chance, you might have a glimpse of Hawksbill Turtle.

Trekking on Zanskar

For all the adventure junkies, trekking is an ambitious quest. Be it a small hill or the great Mount Everest, the sense of triumph at the end of a trekking trail is unmatchable. One such journey of conquest is offered by Zanskar River Trail in the rough topography of Laddakh. The Zanskar River freezes during the months of January and February and a sheet of snow covers it making the trek enthralling. Walking on snow and ice is a bit difficult, but the beautiful Himalayan Vistas surrounding the trails makes every risk worth taking.

Ice Skiing in Auli

Well, if slightly different is what you want your next adventure holiday to be, try Ice Skiing in Auli. Lying amidst the great Himalayan ranges, Auli offers the perfect skiing terrains. Having a 3 kilometre long slope and a 500 metre long ski lift, Auli gives a tough competition to high-profile skiing resorts. Ski equipment is avalaible on rent and the tourist committee also offers 7-14 days course of skiing. So, if battling the snowy terrains ranks among your bucket list, go to Auli and discover what excitement means.