India’s Top 5 Yoga Capitals

Let’s Give Life Some Peace with Yoga

Over the past centuries, Yoga has acted as a magic potion that multiplies your physical abilities and mental strength. With such a reminiscent culture, it is not just about contorted limbs and weight-loss methods. Rather it has emerged as a science synonymous with tranquillity that revives your senses.

Yoga has always remained an integral part of India’s spiritual heritage and has now become a fascinating subject for the Western world as well. As the birthplace of Yoga, India is continuously rejuvenating the essence of this science as evident from the multitude of Yoga festivals organised in various cities. Welcoming thousands of Yoga exponents from all the over world, these cities are the best place to harness the positivity that surrounds Yogic methods. So, if you are in a search of a relaxed mind, plan your next vacation to any of these Yoga retreats in India as mentioned below.

Rishikesh- Let’s move along with the holiness of the Ganges

Styled as the Yoga Capital of the World, Rishikesh offers you one of the best Yoga experiences to cherish for your lifetime. Set out for a journey to explore the spirit of this science while learning the eight limbs of Yoga from proficient masters. Attesting its goodness, Uttarakhand tourism and Parmarth Niketan Ashram jointly organise the International Yoga festival. Various workshops are organised dedicated to Yoga forms like Kundalini, Power Vinyasa, Iyengar and Kriya, which attracts countless of Yoga enthusiasts from around the globe. So, plan your trip to Rishikesh around this festival and get ready for a spiritual rejuvenation.

Mysore- The New Facet of Yoga

Apart from being a city that speaks for architectural grandiose and traditions, Mysore has now acquired a tag of Yoga hub. It welcomes people looking for Yoga studies and Yoga retreats and is popular globally for forming the famous Ashtanga tradition. Merging traditions with spirituality, Mysore is one of the best destinations to unravel the spirit of Yoga.

Puducherry- Let Spirituality Happen to You

If you are looking for enjoyment, spirituality, bliss and learning at the same time, then no other place is better than the small town of Puducherry in Tamil Nadu. Get started with your new year by indulging in Annual Yoga Festival, held here from March 1st– 7th. An ideal Yoga retreat, it welcomes Yoga lovers from all over the country to discover new Yoga methods and Asanas. Let’s begin a year on a Yoga-istic note.    

Goa- Be on Board for a Relaxing Carnival

Yes that’s true! Goa is now a famous place to indulge in this science of attaining spirituality. The Asanas gains new essence while performed with utmost concentration in a backdrop of rippling sea waves, glittering sands and picturesque sunsets. The Ashtanga tradition is widely learnt in several Yoga centres. Learn some methods of getting stress relieved by participating in workshops, orientations and programs organised by different centres. Explore this new facet of travelling to Goa and it’s certain that you won’t regret it.

Chennai- A blast from the Yoga-istic Past

An abode for some of the ancient institutes of Yoga training including the famous Asan Andiappan College of Yoga and Research centre, Chennai boasts of preserving some of the age-old Yoga traditions and practices. Learn about its history and transformation over the centuries while indulging in authentic Yoga practice sessions. For an icing on the cake, take up a course in naturopathy and discover the marvels of Ayurveda and Yoga together.

So, find your way to a spirituality-filled experience so that you can discover a whole new person in you.