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Travelling has always been on a top rank in everybody’s bucket list. Exploring an unknown place is a thought that excites everyone. A rejuvenating diversion from a life stuck in a hamster wheel is something that almost everyone craves for. But, the difficulty emerges in getting proper information related to a particular destination.

Some people love to rest and some people take rest by indulging in some form of activities in a different land. For the latter, we have write-ups that cover some must-do activities in various locations. Read on and discover it yourself!



Dive in to the world of adventure and experience a thrill that changes your perception of life! Deep sea diving, trekking, river rafting, paragliding and much more- you name it and we have all covered it here. Presenting to you articles, ideas and blogs on adventure travel that gets that adrenaline rolled up!

Adventure Travel


beaches india If scenic sea shores, action-filled water sports and a soothing sun bath excite you to the core, then you are at the right place. Browse through our blogs and write-ups featuring some ideas on a beach holiday, and let’s move on a peaceful and alluring escapade!



Writing immortalizes your memories and documenting travelling experiences is worth your time. Get your linguistic skills ready and let the world know about your travelling experiences by sharing your blogs and travelogues with us.



indian culture  One of the best things to discover at an unknown land is its culture. From dance and music, to art and food- we have it all! So, let’s take a walk along to decode the richness of a particular culture while having a look at our write-ups, blogs and articles.



events india Plan your trips around these exciting events and take home memories to cherish for your lifetime. Major highlights, dates and location- we have it all covered here! Go through our blogs and articles and explore some of these events in their full swing.



indian-food-and-drinks Exploring the local cuisine of a place is always on top of any travelling checklist. Discovering the culinary diversity of a place, we have articles and write-ups that tell you about the famous food delights of different location. Let’s be on board for a delightful gastronomic journey that takes us to discover some well-known food paradises.

Food & Drinks


hill-stations-India Perched on a hill, basking in the mild sunlight of the morning sun, lush green forests cradled by snowy-veiled hilltops- all this and much more defines the famous hill stations. Make your way to these famous hill stations and feel the bliss that is our Mother Nature. Need Information? Of Course, we are here with our blogs and articles.

Hill Stations


hotels india The temporary staying place is a crucial part when you are marching to a destination. Whether it is a lavish hotel, ordinary guest house, comforting lodge or tranquil boat house; half of the good impression of that place depends on these stop overs. If you are planning a trip, take help from our guide lines to explore the best residing place of that destination.



Main-Attractions-India Monuments, parks, sacred spaces, buildings, natural landscapes and everything that forms the defining image of a place- we have got it all. From highlights to history, from schedules to ticket rates- our blogs and featured write-ups will equip you with every information which you need to grasp the full essence of these main attractions.

Main Attractions


places-to-visit Every place is unique for the baits it holds to catch a tourist. But there are few moments, when the beauty of the place is in full swing. Be it the perfect weather or a particular festival, every destination acquires a new facet in different time frames. This is when, we with our write ups, will provide you a sneak peak into these places. Let’s be on board to witness a new facet of the city under the garb of rareness.

Places to Visit This Month


road-trip-India What can be more electrifying than taking a road way to your favourite destination with your darling car/bike? Don’t give a miss to some ‘roads not taken’ and follow the best path to sneak and peak in the local vibes of the place. With our pathfinder blogs and articles we tell you about some road trips that are even more exciting than the ultimate point.

Road Trips


shopping India We understand that it is very difficult to satisfy the hungry shopaholic inside you. The itinerary to any destination ends in the bristling shopping bazaars of that place. Making your shopping experience worth your money and time, we are introducing some of the best bazaars and their best selling items through our articles and blogs.



sight seeing Spiritual bliss, relaxed senses, sheer awe and wow factor at every bend- with all this on offer, every city has main attractions that are always on your checklist. Take a sneak peak via our blogs and articles and let’s explore together the wonders of an unknown land.



special-features-india There are many facts and features that are unique enough to raise your eyebrows in awe. In this section we explore some singularity which is hallmark of originality. With our blogs and articles we are sharing some amazing descriptions of the incredible places.

Special Feature


Tips-and-Ideas To plan a trip is not an easy nut to crack. The perfect plan goes through various permutation and combination, search and research. Making your task easier, we are here with our blogs and articles sharing tips and ideas for a happy trip.

Tips & Ideas


transportation india It is always the path which takes you to your favourite site. The pleasure and excitement of the journey starts on the road which is taken. With so many means of conveyance, we are telling you the best means to reach the journey’s end point and some interesting facts about transportation through our blogs and travelogues.



wildlife india



Take your footsteps to the land of the thousands memories, Tourism Infopedia is your guide to here, there and everywhere.

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Every place is unique for the baits it holds to catch a tourist. But there are few moments, when the beauty of the place is in full swing. Be it the perfect weather or a particular festival, every destination acquires a new facet in different time frames.

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